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  • Tue, June 13, 2017 8:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to our many new neighbors who recently moved here and to our new births.
    As we gather together, we pause to remember the unimaginable loss suffered by the Newtown, Connecticut community. We may not be able to save the world, but we can brighten our little corner of it. Let us do what we can to bring peace and joy this season. Do 27 acts of kindness and generosity to honor those who are no longer alive. And, please, get to know your neighbors. Crestwood is not immune. We are all in this together.
    Gale Barron Black
    President, Crestwood Citizens Association and ANC4A08 Commissioner

    Seasons Greetings and Christmas Caroling 

    The Crestwood Citizens Association wishes everyone very happy holidays and a wonderful 2013!

    We are happy to send this invitation to Christmas caroling on behalf of Ed and Ann Sheridan:

    The caroling starts promptly at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve, December 24, on our front porch at 3904 18th Street. The whole neighborhood is invited and often we have - depending on the weather - 40 or 50 people. Hot apple juice and cookies are served and promptly at 6:20 Santa comes out of the woods, crosses the street, passes out candy canes to the kiddies and then departs for the North Pole. The gathering is usually over by 6:45 so people can get home for Christmas Eve duties and joys. The tradition goes back for over 50 years and the Sheridans have had the gathering at their house for 40 years. The police from our District are invited to attend and if they are able, they have sent some officers in the past.

    Caroling will not be held if it is raining.

    All of Crestwood is welcome so please put it on your calendar and tell your neighbors, in case they don't receive these e-mails, to make sure they get the invitation information.

    Dues and Directory

    To those who paid their dues for 2012, we thank you. If you have not, please send your check to Ellen Wormser, treasurer of the association at 1950 Uphsur St, NW, Washington, DC 20011 or drop it off at that address. Make it payable to the Crestwood Citizens Association ($25 for families, $20 for single person household).

    We need updates from those of you who have not returned your email questionnaire. We want to make the directory as complete and accurate as possible. It facilitates social interaction, playgroups, etc. and is one of our public safety initiatives.

    Meeting of Crestwood Citizens Association

    Our first meeting of 2013 will be on Thursday, January 24, to avoid the holiday and Inauguration events. It will begin at 7 p.m. at 1761 Crestwood Drive. More information and the agenda will be provided later.

    Crestwood Tree Project Update

    The Association’s partnership with Casey Trees continued this year with three rounds of tree plantings — on the 1800 block of Varnum Street, the 1900 block of Shepherd Street and the 1800 block of Taylor Street. The goal of the project is to enhance and protect the canopy and understory trees that make Crestwood such a beautiful neighborhood. Through our partnership, we inventory the trees to identify where replacement trees are needed.

    Assocation Year End Report from out President

    At its November meeting the board listed its priorities for the neighborhood:

    1. Quality School Access
    2. Broad Branch restoration
    3. Safety upgrades on Blagden Avenue path
    4. Water Quality / Environmental Justice issues.

    Ironically, when the Board held its November meeting, we met in candlelight – because the lights went out at 5:07 PM and stayed out for 2 hours. We discussed our priorities and budget. In addition to continuing to serve as our civic organization, we want to do more to work on issues like landscaping, group purchasing, reaching out to seniors and others who may want assistance. Of course, public safety, PEPCO reliability and crime deterrence remain priorities.

    Many of us continue to work on getting access to a free, public, high quality education. Those efforts continue and we understand that the Chancellor of Education will be issuing a proposal in January.

    Zoning – we worked on the issue of allowing accessory dwellings. The Office of Planning will be holding additional meetings. The ward 4 meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2013, but no location has been set. We will let you know when we know.

    We are entering the season when there likely will be some dangerous inclement weather. Let’s look out for each other. If you need assistance with snow clearing or other needs (especially you seniors), let us know.

    During 2012, the Association held six community meetings. Our annual meeting was on Zoning. One of our recent meetings focused on schools and correcting the designation of our elementary school to align with our Deal Middle School and Wilson High School, which are Crestwood’s assigned schools. (Historically, student living on the west side of 16th Street, NW went to schools on the west side of 16th).

    The Association meets every other month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. The Association organized the annual Fourth of July Kids Parade, the Sunday after Labor Day Picnic, Halloween Party, and Easter Egg Hunt. We thank Deb and George Chaconas for hosting the Association’s recent Holiday Social Open House.

    We worked to get our ANC to pay for installing pet waste bag dispensers and signs, which it did.

    Broad Branch Road was reopened. Now, we are pushing to make sure that the future restoration of the entire road within the park is done sooner rather than later and remains available for our use. The city is studying alternatives uses which might delay or stop the needed water remediation and repairs or change the configuration away from being a two-lane road for cars. We are concerned that the city is wasting time and money studying “alternatives” that are not feasible or beneficial.

    Friendly reminders: Please do not leave valuables in your car. Please keep the noise down, restrain your dogs and, if you must use leaf or snow blowers, look for quieter models.

    We will continue to keep in touch through the Crestwood website, through our own Crestwood email list and via the Crestwood list-serve. You can access all of these resources and more on the website.

    Have a wonderful 2013!

    Klingle Road Complaint Dismissed

    Five private citizens filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in D.C. to get the federal government to review the proposal to put a trail in the middle of Klingle Road. The federal government and the city asked for more time to respond to the 80-page complaint. The district court ruled that the DC Council “closed” the road in 2008 and that the Court was without authority to provide us with a remedy. In a 14-page decision, the Court dismissed the lawsuit and tip-toed away from the dicey issue. It acknowledged that there were procedural issues, but the Court said that only the DC Council could provide the relief by reversing its 2008 action.

    Crime Log: Thefts from Auto Still a Problem

    Thanks to Bev Ostenso, the latest crime stats for all Police Service Area 4 as well as the Crestwood part of it are published on a page of the Crestwood website and on the listserve. You will find suggestions there to reduce crime.

    The 4A08 File: Report from the Crestwood ANC

    ANC 4A meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The Commissioner for Crestwood (4A08), Gale Black, reports that these are among the issues she has been following for the neighborhood:

    1. Changes to the DC Zoning regulations. The city proposes to allow changes to the use of residential housing to permit rentals (accessory dwellings), eliminate parking, change the building height and density requirements in some areas, allow grocery stores and change the rules for at home businesses. ANC 4A questioned why some of these changes are necessary and what the impact will be on residents in single-family, primarily residential areas, like ours, which is zoned R-1 and R-2. The ANC passed a resolution. Commissioner Black participated at the meetings before the Office of Planning.
    2. Emergency Preparedness. Your ANC Commissioner participated with DC’s Emergency Preparedness officers regarding the draft plan for our area. We have work still to do on our own plan – which is another reason why we need to get the directory finished ASAP.
    3. New house planned on Trumbull. You may have noticed the new construction signs. Some of the necessary permit requests were submitted. This matter has not been raised with the ANC.
    4. ANC Redistricting. The Ward 4 Task Force adopted the recommendations of ANC 4A to unite all of census tract 26 under one ANC single-member district. Under the new borders of 4A08, the part of the neighborhood north of Allison Street is now united with the rest of the community starting with the 2012 election cycle. The Crestwood single member district (4A08) include all homes from Colorado Avenue south to Tiger Bridge (Piney Branch Parkway), between Rock Creek and the west side of 16th Street.
    5. The “doggy poop” signs and bags were also financed through ANC 4A for the benefit of the 4A08 area. The ANC also pushed for the repairs to the water-overflow at 17th and Taylor Streets, NW.
    6. Day Care. Amazing Life Games Daycare (16th and Varnum Streets) was granted the continuance of its permit to operate out of Grace Lutheran Church. ANC 4A supported that request.
    7. Broad Branch Road. The ANC 4A08 commissioner participated in a meeting over the summer regarding Broad Branch restoration and urged the Park Service to give its sign-off, which it did
    8. We continued to urge the city to address the dangerous overhanging branches on a number of our Crestwood streets. We had the DC Arborist attend one of our meetings.
    9. Grace Church. The Church is seeking historic designation. It is likely to garner the support of the Association because it would help protect and preserve this historic community resource.
    10. In addition, the ANC single-member district commissioner responds to requests for animal rescue, street light repairs, bulk trash pick-up, thefts and animal negligence. Residents can call to place service requests by calling 311 or making the requests online through the DC website.
    11. Repairs at 16th and Arkansas – There will be repairs to the sewer lines, which may disrupt traffic during non-rush hour times during the week.
    12. Repairs are also being proposed for Military Road and for the Kalmia Culvert – which could impact this area.
    For further information about the Crestwood Association or the ANC 4A08 that covers all of Crestwood, visit the website.

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 8:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Crestwood Citizens Association Annual Fourth of July Parade!!
    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    9:30 am - to decorate bikes, strollers, scooters and enjoy breakfast munchies

    10:00 am - the Kid's parade will begin!

    Location - Gather in front of 1810 Shepherd St. NW. We will enjoy muffins, bagels, coffee, and juice while the kids decorate their bikes, scooters, strollers, wagons, and anything else they want to bring!

    Parade Route: The Parade will start at 1810 Shepherd Street heading east, then turn left onto 18th Street, left onto Taylor, left onto Argyle Terrace, left onto Randolph Street, left onto 18th Street, left onto Shepherd to finish at 1810 Shepherd.

    Everyone in the community is welcome to walk or take a seat and cheer on the parade! Please spread the word to your neighbors!

    If you are able to bring food or beverages, assist with bringing decorations, or distributing fliers for the parade, please contact Nicole Ruman Skinner

    Late News

    • Residents in the 1800 block of Taylor: Watch for the notification for a homeowners education session to plan for the Fall tree planting
    • Hold the date: September 9 will be our annual Sunday-After-Labor Day Street Picnic - 5 PM
    • A reminder: all dogs must be on leash at all times - there was a dog bite episode and several attacks this week

    Zoning Discussed at the Association’s Annual Meeting 

    The main subject of the May 15, 2012, association meeting was the proposed changes to DC’s zoning regulations. The regulations govern lot size, lot use, parking, height, width of building, distances between structures, and, most importantly for Crestwood, whether the neighborhood retains its current residential restrictions and uses. For example, we have professionals such as doctors and architects, and a day care center but no commercial establishments open to the general public.

    The current law recognizes Crestwood as a “Low Density Residential (R-1)” area, consisting of single family detached and semi-detached housing units with defined front, back, and side yard size. At the meeting there was much discussion about parking, the possibility of corner grocery stores and permitting Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Currently, each address is allowed by right: one dwelling unit and one ADU in the garage only for domestic employees; a minimum 8 foot side yard; maximum height of three stories or 40 feet. The proposed changes allow one ADU internally or in an accessory building; the current front setback requirement would be eased to be the same as the structure on the block closest to the street; and at least 30% surfaces pervious to rainwater, i.e., lawns and driveways paved with permeable materials.

    We recognize the potential benefits of permitting authorized ADU’s under certain conditions. These ADU’s might provide additional sources of income that would allow residents to afford to stay in the community or meet health needs they may have. However, we also want to preserve the character, look and scale of the current neighborhood. Therefore, we recommend the following regulatory provisions:

    1. Allow one ADU within the existing structure, rather than in garages or carriage houses.
    2. Limit ADU’s to one per lot or street address.
    3. An ADU cannot change the appearance or size of the existing dwelling.
    4. Include a size limitation of 300 to 800 square feet.
    5. Maintain current setback and side yard requirements.
    6. ADU entrances must be on the side or rear.
    7. The owner must occupy either the primary dwelling or the ADU.
    8. The total number of people occupying the street address cannot exceed the number permitted in the primary structure by the city’s definition of a “family.” DC law permits six unrelated people to reside with a dwelling as a “family.”
    9. There can be no separate sale of the ADU.
    10. The number of housing units should not exceed the number of existing units plus the number of unbuilt lots.
    11. Permit the currently allowed occupational uses, which emphasize a limited number of people coming and going and forbid public access.
    12. Existing residential uses should not be affected by possible buffer requirements - there would have to be a 100 foot buffer zone left around the perimeter of environmentally sensitive areas. For example, the house on Mathewson may not have been able to be built if this were a requirement.

    Turning to parking, we oppose the plan to reduce or eliminate parking minimums for the development of new residential units. This would increase the competition for street parking spaces, and the lack of parking availability near Metro stops, which limits Crestwood residents' ability to use the Metro. . Also, it is proposed to allow institutions, e.g. schools and churches, to increase their size by 10%, but it is not stated how often they could do that. Many neighborhoods in the area are already severely impacted by institutional parking.

    The website of the DC Office of Planning Zoning Update is

    Big Dead Tree is Gone

    The neighborhood awoke June 15 to the sound of heavy equipment taking down the huge, diseased tree at Shepherd and 18th St. The Association has been urging the city to remove that safety hazard for a long time. Several other dangerous trees has been removed in recent months but the city is always too slow to do the work. Tree (and other) problems can be reported by calling 311 or submitting a request at

    Crestwood Playgroup Formed

    Kimberly Tignor has formed a new Crestwood playgroup for young children and parents. For infomation please email or call her at 240-277-5119.

    New Contractor's Guide Available

    Thanks to Dominique Taylor the Crestwood Contractor List has been updated from neighbors' comments on the listserve. Please post your positive and negative experiences with contractors on the list and with new ones. We plan to keep the list current going forward.

    Crestwood Citizens Assocation Report

    We're working for Crestwood! Here is a partial list of the Association events during the past year:

    • Meeting with Hon. Mayor Vincent C. Gray
    • Meeting with PEPCO and People's Counsel
    • Fun holiday party
    • Meeting on sustainable garden design
    • Weed warriors cleared invasive ivy at the Point
    • Tree planting in collaboration with Casey Trees resulted in the planting of more than 30 new trees this year
    • Meeting with Rock Creek Park Superindentent Tara Morrison
    • Easter Egg Hunt at the Point
    • Piney Branch cleanup
    • Meeting with DC Office of Planning on Zoning Regulation Update
    • Doggy bags at several places in the neighborhood
    • Held our six regular bi-monthly meetings and the annual elections, as required by the Association bylaws

    The following projects are being worked on:

    • Continuing cleanup around the Point and behind Trumbull
    • Landscaping at selected intersections
    • Garden Tour (edible gardens, water featured gardens and native plants)
    • Street safety and speeding cars

    Crime Log: Thefts from Auto Our Biggest Problem

    Only three crimes were reported or documented in May in Crestwood.

    In Police Service Area 404 as a whole, 41 crimes were reported or documented in May.

    The Fourth District is led by Commander Kimberly Chisley-Missouri ((202) 715-7500, PSA 404 is led by Lieutenant Michael Whiteside (202-730-0601

    From May 1 through May 31, 2012

    Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
    Assault 1
    Burglary 6 3
    Robbery 5 1
    Stolen Auto 6 3 1 1
    Theft 6
    Theft from Auto 17 4 2 2
    Total 41* 1 3 1 2

    * Data include 2 crimes in April (not in Crestwood), and exclude 2 in earlier months (not in Crestwood), that were not previously reported by MPD.

    Crestwood Crimes By Block:

    Thefts from Auto (2):

    3900 16th Street (Sun, 5/13, 6:00pm)
    4800 16th Street (Sun, 5/6, 4:00am)

    Stolen Auto (1):

    1600 Decatur St (Mon, 5/28, 6:30pm)

    Crestwood & Area Trends:

    -- In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 3 crimes were reported in May, down from a total of 4 in April.

    -- Also in Crestwood, 2 Thefts from Auto were reported in May (as in April), and it has been our most frequent crime for 4 successive months.

    -- Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 11 crimes were reported in May, up from 9 in each of the 3 prior months. Four crimes were on or near 14th Street (the same as in April).

    -- In PSA 404, 41 crimes were reported in May, up from 33 in April. There were 6 Burglaries (vs. none), and Thefts from Auto nearly doubled (up from 9). Other crime categories had smaller changes.

    Boundary Changes: The boundaries of PSA 404 changed 1/1/2012. Crestwood remains its westernmost area. However, PSA 404 is now smaller in area, and the 4th District has more PSAs.

    The 4A08 File: Report from the Crestwood ANC

    ANC 4A08 Commissioner Black (who also serves as President of the Association) is our single member district representative. This year, the ANC 4A08:

    • Paid for the renovation of the Crestwood signs at the bottom of Mathewson Drive
    • Testified on redistricting and uniting Census Tract 26
    • Commented on tax on interest on out of district municipal bonds
    • Facilitated repairs to 17th and Taylor
    • Helped get permit approvals for new home on Mathewson and renovations on 18th Street and license renewal for the Amazing Life Games to continue serving as a licensed day care center.
    • Klingle Road - ANC 4A opposes plan to convert this public street to a trial without motorists. This matter is now in litigation by a suit brought by five pro se individuals from Wards 3 and Ward 4.
    • Worked to add John Eaton to the in-boundary options for elementary schools (none of the current options would be removed. We are zoned for Deal Junior High School and Wilson High School and Easton is a feeder to those schools)

    About your Association

    The officers of the Crestwood Citizens Association for 2012-2013 are:

    President Gale Barron Black
    Vice President – CCA David Swerdloff
    Vice President – Green Team Doug Barker
    Vice Presidents – Social George & Deb Chaconas
    Secretary Kathy Frank
    Treasurer Ellen Wormser
    Communications & Website Tom Chused
    Kids Team Nicole Skinner
    Safety and Police John Ostenso
    Issues Gale Black

    This executive committee is also supported by a network of block contacts in Crestwood, who work on projects like neighborhood beautification, crime reduction, transportation issues, and community building through a strong neigbhor network. They are listed below:

    16th Street Viola Keyes
    Loretta Haynes
    San Luisa Barnes-Mosaid
    17th Street Doug Ford
    Roger Kranenburg
    18th Street Lois Dyer
    Jeff Steele
    Ann Sheridan
    Argyle Terrace Patricia Vaughn-Cooke
    Shirley Calhoun
    Eric Waters
    Lindamarie Koengeter Spaulding
    Blagden Avenue Andre Banks
    Blagden Terrace Ms. Harvey
    Leah Skrine
    John Seibert
    Crestwood Drive Gale Bentley
    Carla Brenner
    Mathewson Drive Fred Bosco
    Quincy Street Doug Barker
    George Chaconas
    Susan Butler
    Randolph Street Tom Chused
    Dianne Tyrance-Neal
    Shepherd Street Marsha Francis
    Nicole Skinner
    Jackie Jackson
    Kathy Frank
    Carla Koeffler
    Taylor Street Carol Browning
    John Fegan
    Jeff Hildebrand
    Trumbull Terrace David Swerdloff
    Upshur Street Karen Leonard
    Andrea Oakes
    Ellen Wormser
    Varnum Street Beverly Ostenso
    Webster Street Ed Darden
    Rev. Child
    Allison Street Elizabeth Crothers
    Marcia Howard
    Colorado Avenue Barbara Little
    Crittenden Bernard Fulton

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 8:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join us!
    Crestwood Citizens Association meeting
    Tuesday, January 17 – 7pm
    1761 Crestwood Drive NW

    Winter Updates, Spring Dreams: Come to the Association meeting Tuesday 1/17 

    Our first meeting of 2012 is just days away.

    If you can’t wait for spring, come to the meeting and get valuable tips from our neighborhood’s gardening experts on how to design or add to your beautiful, sustainable garden…and share your own experiences. We will also get updates about the current crime situation (see the December crime log below) and about initiatives at the ANC level. We’ll announce the date of our next park clean-up day—probably in early February—to remove strangling vines from trees bordering Crestwood. And it’s a great opportunity to get together with your neighbors.

    The meeting is Tuesday, January 17th at 7 p.m. at 1761 Crestwood Drive. See you there!

    For our March meeting, we are inviting the new Superintendent of Rock Creek Park, Tara D. Morrison. We look forward to hearing about a variety of issues, including upgrades to the hiking/biking trail along Beach Drive, the environmental impact of Broad Branch Road reconstruction and how our community can work together even more closely with Park authorities.

    Crestwood Tree Project Springs Forward

    The Association’s partnership with Casey Trees continues this spring with a fourth round of tree plantings—this time on the 1800 block of Varnum Street and the 1900 block of Shepherd Street.

    The goal of the project is to enhance and protect the canopy and understory trees that make Crestwood such a special neighborhood. Through our partnership, we are inventorying the trees throughout the neighborhood, identifying where replacement trees are needed, planting new trees and making sure they are cared for.

    The Project will hold an education session for homeowners in the targeted blocks at 7 p.m. on January 23rd at the home of Stella Dawson, 1811 Varnum Street. This will be a time to learn about this program and the tree species that will be available free from Casey Trees. After that meeting, Association Green Team leader Doug Barker and Casey Trees forester Jeff Furr will be contacting homeowners on those blocks to select trees and tree planting locations in advance of filing tree requests with Casey Trees by February 8th. We expect a tree planting date sometime in March or April.

    As in the past, we expect that a limited number of trees may be available for homeowners outside of the three target blocks.

    If you have any questions about the tree project and our three previous plantings, please contact Doug Barker (, Frank Samuel ( or any of the other members of the project’s working group. They include Peggy Beers, Gale Black, Jolyon Bowman, Steve Klein, Betsy Kraft and the block captains involved in the new round of plantings: Stella Dawson (Varnum Street) and Kathy Frank (Shepherd Street).

    From the Association President: 2012 Greetings, 2011 Review

    Happy New Year and thank you for being such good neighbors. I wish you a safe, peaceful and interesting year. Make one of your resolutions to get, or stay, involved in your community. One person can make a huge difference. We need your support.

    We are entering the season when there likely will be some dangerous inclement weather. Let’s look out for each other. If you need assistance with snow clearing or other needs (especially you seniors), let us know.

    During 2011, the Association held six community meetings. The May meeting featured Mayor Vincent Gray, who addressed the community and answered your questions on such topics as Walmart, Walter Reed, ground water contamination, gridlock and ethics issues. Other meetings focused on schools, aging-in-place initiatives, PEPCO reliability, and environmental issues from solar power cooperatives to recycling. The Association meets every other month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

    The Association organized the annual Fourth of July Kids Parade, the Sunday after Labor Day Picnic, Halloween Party, and Easter Egg Hunt. We also thank Kathy and Arthur Frank for hosting the Association’s recent Holiday Open House. The Green Team pushed ahead with the Tree Project and park area cleanups. The Association installed benches at the Point at 18th and Shepherd Streets. And we worked to get our ANC to pay for restoring the Crestwood signs at the foot of Mathewson Drive and for installing pet waste bag dispensers and signs.

    We look forward to the reopening of Broad Branch Road (promised for early February), and will push to make sure the bridge is repaired on time and the future restoration of the entire road within the park is done sooner rather than later.

    Spring might seem far away. But it won’t be that long until we can again open our windows. The Association has received numerous requests that neighbors respect the peace and quiet. So please keep the noise down, restrain your dogs and, if you must use leaf blowers, look for quieter models and don’t power them up too early or too late in the day. Thank you.

    We will continue to keep in touch through the Crestwood website, through our own Crestwood email list and via the Crestwood list-serve. You can access all of these resources and more at

    Have a wonderful 2012!
    —Gale Black

    Klingle Road Complaint Filed in Court 

    Five private citizens filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in D.C. to get the federal government to review the proposal to put a trail in the middle of Klingle Road. The federal government and the city have asked for more time to respond to the 80-page complaint.

    Total Crime Down in December, But Thefts from Auto Still a Problem

    12 crimes were reported or documented in December in Crestwood, down from 13 in November. However, seven of these incidents were thefts from auto—continuing a trend that included multiple car break-ins on the night of November 29.

    In Police Service Area 404 as a whole, 49 crimes were reported or documented in December, down from 59 in November. Thefts from autos more than doubled to 24, although other thefts dropped dramatically.

    As of the first of the year, the Metropolitan Police realigned the boundaries of PSA 404. Crestwood remains within PSA 404, but the PSA now includes fewer total blocks. The area no longer extends as far to the east, ending at Georgia Avenue. But it adds new blocks—to Gallatin Street on the north side and Spring Road to the south. As a result, future data reported for PSA 404 will not be comparable to earlier figures.

    The PSA is led by Captain Kevin Anderson (202-715-7445) and Lieutenant Michael Whiteside (202-730-0601).

    Here are the December crime stats (also available on the Crestwood website):

    From December 1 through December 31, 2011

    Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
    Assault 1
    Burglary 8 2 1 1
    Robbery 7
    Stolen Auto 2 1 1
    Theft 7 1 3 2 1
    Theft from Auto 24 5 7 3 4
    Total 49* 8* 12* 5 7

    * Data include one December crime documented by residents (in Crestwood) but not reported by MPD; and include one November crime (not in Crestwood), but exclude one pre-November crime (in Crestwood), not previously reported by MPD.

    Crestwood Crimes By Block:

    Thefts from Auto (7):

    1600 Shepherd St (Sat, 12/17, 4:00pm)
    1600 Varnum St (Mon, 12/26, pm)*
    1900 Upshur St (Sat, 12/17, 3:00am)
    4300 Blagden Ave (Wed, 12/21, 4:10am)
    4800 Blagden Ave (Thu, 12/15, 8:37am)
    4800 Blagden Ave (Sat, 12/17, 11:00pm)
    4400 16th St (Sun, 12/11, 11:00am)

    Theft (3):

    4300 Argyle Ter (Tue, 12/20, 1:25pm)
    3900 16th St (Wed, 12/14, 1:45am)
    4300 17th St (Fri, 12/16, 9:00am)

    Stolen Auto (1):

    1700 Varnum St (Sun, 12/4, 2:30am)

    Burglary (1):

    4900 16th St (Fri, 12/23, 2:30pm)

    The 4A08 File: Report from the Crestwood ANC
    (Advisory Neighborhood Commission Single-Member District, 4A08) 

    ANC 4A meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The Commissioner for Crestwood (4A08), Gale Black, reports that these are among the issues she has been following for the neighborhood:

    1. Changes to the DC Zoning Map. The city proposes to do away with the requirement that the Zoning Director certify, date and initial the official zoning map as accurate. The city also wants to have the GIS system (electronic) as the official map. ANC 4A questioned why these changes are necessary and what the impact will be on residents. Will the map still be consistent with the city’s zoning regulations? The ANC passed a resolution opposing the change and Commissioner Black presented the resolution to the Zoning Commission on December 22, 2011.
    2. Emergency Preparedness. Your ANC Commissioner has been in contact with DC’s Emergency Preparedness officers regarding the draft plan for our area. The city would like to hear from neighbors in our district on suggested ways to make the plan better. Please forward any idea you have in this critical area.
    3. New house on Mathewson Drive. You may have noticed the new construction, now in progress. The permits and plans were submitted and approved by the ANC in February of 2011.
    4. ANC Redistricting. The Ward 4 Task Force adopted the recommendations of ANC 4A to unite all of census tract 26 under one ANC single-member district. Under the new borders of 4A08, the part of the neighborhood north of Allison Street would be united with the rest of the community starting with the 2012 election cycle. The Crestwood single member district will include all homes from Colorado Avenue south to Piney Branch Parkway, and between Rock Creek Park and the west side of 16th Street.
    5. New Signs. The Crestwood signs at the foot of Mathewson Drive were refurbished and restored through an ANC 4A08 project to preserve a piece of our history. The “doggy poop” signs and bags were also financed through ANC 4A for the benefit of the 4A08 area. The ANC also pushed for the repairs to the water-overflow at 17th and Taylor Streets, NW.
    6. Group Homes. We are monitoring the placing of group homes and non-residential uses of the area.
    7. Day Care. Amazing Life Games Daycare (16th and Varnum Streets) is requesting the continuance of its permit to operate out of Grace Lutheran Church. It is expected that ANC 4A will support the request.
    8. Broad Branch Road. The ANC 4A08 commissioner participated in a meeting over the summer regarding Broad Branch restoration and urged the Park Service to give its sign-off. The repairs are supposed to be done within 45 days of December 19th.
    9. Trees. We continue to urge the city to address the dangerous overhanging branches on a number of our Crestwood streets. A list was submitted to the city in October. Some of us are still waiting.
    10. Fire at the Crestwood Apartments. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, there was a fire at the Crestwood Apartments in a unit on the fifth floor. People living on the third floor, including a wheelchair-bound resident, were unable to leave. During fires, the elevator is shut off. This incident highlights the need for an evacuation plan for all residents. Firefighters had to climb up the side of the building to bring assistance to our trapped neighbor.
    11. In addition, the ANC single-member district commissioner responds to requests for animal rescue, street light repairs, bulk trash pick-up, thefts and animal negligence. Residents can call to place service requests by calling 311 or making the requests online through the DC website.
    12. Repairs at 16th and Arkansas – There will be repairs to the sewer lines, which may disrupt traffic during non-rush hour times during the week.
    13. Repairs are also being proposed for Military Road and for the Kalmia Culvert – which could impact this area.

    For further information about the Crestwood Association or the ANC 4A08 that covers all of Crestwood, visit the website.

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Crestwood Citizens Association Shepherds (and Taylors, Upshurs, Varnums) the Environment 

        Green issues dominated the January Association meeting.
        Along with an update on the Crestwood Tree Project, we heard from the President of the Mt. Pleasant Solar Co-op and learned the facts about recycling.
        Our Precious Tree Canopy
        The Association is pushing forward in its ten-year project to inventory all of Crestwood's trees and plant new ones to restore and enhance the neighborhood's tree canopy. For those of you in the blocks already inventoried and planted, please remember to water the new trees--the first two years are critical for fresh plantings. Tree bags are available. For those of you who would like to get your blocks on the schedule, please talk to your neighbors and contact Project Coordinators Doug Barker and Frank Samuel. Many thanks to the neighborhood volunteers and our partners at Casey Trees.
        The Association's Green Team is already planning for our next park cleanup on April 9th--so mark your calendars.
        Russell Klein from the DC Department of Public Works addressed the meeting and cleared up some misconceptions about recycling. Mr. Klein, Community Environmental Education Specialist from the DPW Office of Recycling, assured us that recyclables are, indeed, picked up separately from the trash. The trash and recycling trucks may look the same in order to hold down costs, he explained. But the recyclables are taken for sorting either to Capitol Heights or Elkridge, MD.
        We learned that what is recyclable in one jurisdiction may not be recyclable in another. For example, DC homeowners cannot recycle those plastic containers used for blueberries, strawberries and take-out lunches. Other no-nos include Styrofoam meat trays and foam packaging (including packing peanuts).* Compact fluorescent bulbs need to be recycled with your hazardous waste. Although the schedule used to be more frequent, hazardous waste will be accepted only the first Saturday of each month at the Fort Totten Transfer Station from 8 am to 3 pm. Those days you can also bring documents for shredding and e-cycle computers and other electronics. Mr. Klein also recommended as a good program for the re-use of your unwanted shoes and other items.
        Solar Co-Ops
        Anya Schoolman, President of the Mt. Pleasant Solar Co-op, explained how DC now has a dozen solar co-ops--and they have been responsible for 70 solar installations. She had good news and bad news. On the one hand, the number of companies who can provide solar panels has increased to as many as 12 or 15. However, government rebates and grants have been eliminated or cut back--so we cannot take advantage of the significant financial assistance that has been available in the past.
        Because we are a tree-shaded community, Ms. Schoolman told us that solar hot water might be a better choice for many Crestwood homes. But she also encouraged us to support her push for what is called "virtual net metering." Under such a program, instead of installing solar panels on our individual homes, we would band together and install panels on a school, church or other building that receives ample sunlight. Then we would be able to get credits on our individual power bills from the electricity generated by the panels. Ms. Schoolman encouraged us to get behind the effort to legalize such arrangements by supporting a Community Solar Gardens Bill before the City Council.
        To get on her organizations email list, write to

        Our Next Meeting
        Mark your calendars for our next Association meeting, April 19th at 1950 Upshur Street. The prospective topic is Aging-In-Place. We may also investigate a cooperative effort to collectively de-clutter our homes.
        The annual election meeting comes Tuesday, May 17th at Grace Lutheran Church. If you are interested in a leadership role in the community--or can recommend a neighbor--nominations will be taken in March for positions as officers and board members. We'll have more details on the agenda and our special guests.
        The Association hopes you have noticed some of the new amenities around the neighborhood. The doggie bag stations were funded by ANC 4A. The National Park Service delivered the picnic tables that are now available at the Point at 18th and Shepherd--and the Association purchased benches. As the warmer weather approaches, take advantage of them!
        Bird lovers are also noting the number of species spotted recently in Crestwood--and are asking you to make your yard a bird-friendly habitat. Among the birds noted by one careful observer: downy woodpecker, northern cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, nuthatch, house sparrow, blue jay, northern mockingbird and mourning dove.

        *Here is a list of recyclable materials from the DPW reference guide: aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans, aluminum food and beverage containers, books, brown paper bags, cardboard and paperboard boxes (including cereal boxes without liners), computer printouts, corrugated cardboard boxes, ferrous and bimetal food and beverage containers, glass containers such as jars and bottles, junk mail, magazines and catalogs, milk and juice cartons, narrow-neck plastic containers (other than for motor oil) with ID codes 1 through 7, newspapers (including all inserts), non-metallic wrapping paper, officer paper and envelopes, plastic bags (including grocery bags, newspaper bags and shopping bags--please but plastic bags into one bag...or else recycle any of them in the receptacles at grocery stores), rigid plastics including milk crates, buckets (even with metal handles), laundry baskets, lawn furniture, totes, coolers, flower pots, drinking cups, water bottles, pallets, toys and empty garbage/recycling bins, telephone books, wide-mouth containers such as those for peanut butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, whipped topping, over-the-counter and prescription medicine bottles (remove the ID labels from prescription bottles). More details are available at

    ANC Takes Up Walmart, Klingle & Other Issues

        With Walmart planning to open stores at four locations in the District, ANC 4A gave neighborhood residents an opportunity to hear about the proposed Walmart at Georgia and Missouri Avenues. At the February 15th meeting, residents and ANC Commissioners asked a representative from Walmart a series of questions touching on subjects ranging from traffic concerns to the next steps in the process to the company's plans to benefit the community.
        The proposed store would cover some 100,000 square feet, which is about half the size of many suburban Walmarts. About 40% of the space would be reserved for groceries. The ANC may consider the matter again after the city's Large Tract Review is released. However, commissioners note that ANC approval is not required for the project because the area is already zoned for this type of commercial enterprise.
        Klingle Road
        Also at the February 15 meeting, the ANC voted to send a resolution to the Mayor and City Council on the issue of Klingle Road. The resolution supports keeping Klingle available for its historic use as a public road for the benefit of all of DC. The city continues to try to convert this bypass to Connecticut Avenue into a recreational trail.
        The city is pursuing this effort, even after officials acknowledged in a January release that the right of way is a "street" that was never officially (legally) closed. The city also recognized that the right of way is still "necessary" and that it intends to maintain it. Klingle Road is recognized in the DC code and comprehensive plan as a public "street" that connects directly to ANC 4A08 and is a link to Wards 1, 3 and 4. The ANC resolution urges the city to maintain this public resource and let us use it.
        DC officials have acknowledged that, should the street be converted into a recreational trail, the city will lose federal transportation dollars that are only available if the thoroughfare is maintained for public transportation purposes. The city could even lose the right of way, since the land for Klingle Road was given to DC for use as a public road.
        Other issues
        ANC 4A voted to approve the request of new neighbor for a public space permit to begin the construction of a new home on Mathewson Drive. The project was first raised at the January meeting. The ANC heard no opposition to the request when follow-up was held at the February 15 meeting.
        The ANC also voted to inform the DC Council that it objects to the city's plan to discontinue providing a copy of the DC Register. Commissioners noted that the ANC relies on getting the DC Register--and that the DC Code requires due notice. In the ANC's opinion, posting on-line is not sufficient to track all of the hearings, proposed changes in the law and proposed zoning changes.
        Turning to the schools, Commissioners identified gaining access to quality public elementary education as a high priority. Some of our residents already send their children to Eaton. ANC 4A is urging an official boundary change to make it easier for access for other families to attend Eaton, Murch or Lafayette, as within-boundary schools.
        Redistricting is also on the ANC agenda, as Commissioner look ahead to new census information and changes in zoning.
        ANC 4A meets regularly on the 1st Tuesday of each month. The March 1st meeting will be at Fort Stevens Recreation Center. The April 5th meeting will be at Grace Lutheran Church.
        The Police hold a monthly community meeting for Police Service Area 404 on the 4th Thursday at 7 PM at 801 Shepherd Street, NW.

    Crestwood Crime Report

    Here is the most recent information on crime in our neighborhood.

    From January 1 through January 31, 2011

    Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
    Assault 3 1
    Burglary 5 1
    Homicide 1
    Robbery 14
    Stolen Auto 10 1 2 2
    Theft 11 2 1 1
    Theft from Auto 19 2 3 2 1
    Sex abuse 1 1
    Total 64* 8 6* 2 4

    * Data include 2 crimes in December (none were in Crestwood) that MPD had not previously reported. See also the Data Note below.

    Crestwood Crimes By Block:

    Thefts from Auto (3):

    4800 Blagden Av (Thu, 1/6, 11:00 pm)
    4000 16th Street (Tue, 1/4, 6:30 pm)
    4300 17th Street (Fri, 1/21, 12:00 pm)

    Stolen Autos (2):

    4400 16th Street (Sun, 1/2, 4:00 pm)

    Theft (1):

    1900 Shepherd St (Sat, 1/8, 5:30 am)

    Data Note – MPD now reports only “index” (i.e., major) crimes for January and future months. Crimes previously reported as “Other” now include only Sex Abuse and Arson. For Crestwood, this means primarily that Property Destruction and Property Damage are not reported.

    Crestwood & Area Trends:

    -- In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 6 crimes were reported in January, up from 4 from December. Five were auto-related.

    -- Also in Crestwood, all 6 crimes reported in January were “index” (i.e., major) crimes; last month, all 4 crimes reported were “non-index” (i.e., minor) crimes.

    -- Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 8 crimes were reported in January, down from (a comparable) 12 in December (4 were on/near 14th Street).

    -- In PSA 404, 64 crimes were reported in January, up from (a comparable) 60 in December. The largest increase was in robberies (up 6, to 14), and the largest decrease was in assaults (down 12, to 3).

    New Rock Creek Paths & Leadership 

        Rock Creek Park is rehabilitating its major trails in our area--and residents are encouraged to participate in the process. The proposed project would include the main multi-use trail along Beach Drive from Broad Branch Road to P Street--as well as the trail along Piney Branch Parkway from Beach Drive to Arkansas Avenue.
        The project involves the National Park Service, the Federal Highway Administration and the DC Department of Transportation.
        While it's too late to be a part of the informational meeting February 23 at the National Zoo, you can provide your written comments through the end of February at or by mail to Austina Casey, District Department of Transportation, Planning, Policy, and Sustainability Administration, 2000 14th Street NW, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20009.

    Census Bureau Takes a Snapshot of Crestwood

        What does the population of Crestwood look like? Here is a snapshot, released at the end of last year by the U.S. Census Bureau. These are not figures from the 2010 door-to-door head count, which will be more accurate. They are based on the Bureau's American Community Survey, which sampled neighborhoods across America from the beginning of 2005 through the end of 2009. Because they rely on sampling, they are subject to a margin of error and should be considered estimates.
        The figures below are for Census Tract 26, whose boundaries mirror those of greater Crestwood --including homes from 16th Street to the Park and from Colorado Avenue to the streets overlooking Piney Branch.
        In addition to the survey figures available at, you can access a searchable map of the entire country courtesy of the New York Times at

    Crestwood Population
      Estimated Total: 2,348
      43% Black
      43% White
      6% Hispanic
      3% Asian
      5% Other
      Percentage foreign-born: 13% (no change since 2000)

      Estimated number: 971 (making for an average household size of 2.4 people)
      Income distribution:
      under $30,000   13%
      $30,000-$49,999   6%
      $50,000-$74,999   8%
      $75,000-$99,999   11%
      $100,000-$149,999   20%
      $150,000-$199,999   10%
      $200,000 and above   32%
      Median household income: $140,938 (up 28% since 2000)
      Percentage of households that include same-sex couples: 4%

      Median home value: $842,200 (up 76% since 2000)
      Median monthly rent: $1,026 (up 10% since 2000)
      Percentage of households in which mortgages consume at least 30% of income:
      27% (up 3 percentage points since 2000)

      Estimated population at least 25 years old: 1,783. Of these:
      High school graduates  98%
      Bachelors degree or higher  68%
      Masters degree or higher  38%
      Estimated population of elementary school students: 232. Of these:
      Percentage in private schools: 53%

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Halloween Party Sunday, October 31 at 3:30 pm

    Become bewitched at the Crestwood Halloween Party on the afternoon of October 31st. We promise no tricks and all treats in the “pumpkin patch” also known as The Point at 18th and Shepherd Streets. Bring your costumed cuties for 60 minutes of fun for kids of all ages, beginning at 3:30 p.m.

    Crestwood Citizens Association Meeting Sunday, November 14 at 1:00pm

    Topic #1: Raising a Family in Crestwood

    Crestwood residents face many challenges as they raise their families in the District. At the next meeting of the Crestwood Citizens Association, we will share our stories and learn the latest skills for coping with schools, transportation and the other potential problems of city life.

    Note that we are scheduling this meeting on a Sunday afternoon (November 14 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm) at 1761 Crestwood Drive.

    There are many other issues of concern as the Crestwood Citizens Association begins its 70th year. We hope to build a solid working relationship with the new Mayor and Council, and plan to invite the Mayor to our May meeting. Other goals include crime deterrence, continued vigilance with respect to improving service from PEPCO, instituting a Seniors Project to help residents age in place, keeping an eye on zoning changes in order to protect our low-density residential character, and identifying priorities for traffic management in and around Crestwood.

    The Association is looking into beautifying and enhancing the common green space within Crestwood—including fixing up the Crestwood signs and the landscaping around them. We are working to get ANC 4A to provide funds for benches to be installed on DC property at the Point and the Triangle. The ANC already has funded the new signs and receptacles you have seen around the neighborhood for controlling dog waste.

    We also are looking on with concern as dozens of households in Crestwood have been posted for foreclosure or tax sale. Most of these situations were the result of a mistake or oversight. Still, in these tough economic times, the Association urges you to monitor your tax liabilities carefully so that no errors are made. A slip-up regarding the Homestead Exemption, for example, can lead to a $20,000 error and a threat of foreclosure./p>

    If you have a community concern, let the Association know. Bring your ideas to the November 14 meeting or contact an officer.

    And kudos to the Communications Team for publishing the 2010 Crestwood Directory!

    Spotlight Wildlife Survey

    Don't be alarmed by spotlights in the woods!

    The District Department of Environment will be conducting night time spotlight surveys of the deer population on the nights of November 13, 14, 27, and 28). Thy are done on Saturday and Sunday evenings to reduce traffic problems. They will begin at sunset and will be completed by 9 pm.

    Future Calendar

    There will be an art exhibit and songfest by the Grace Choir Soloists at Grace Lutheran Church, 4300 16th Street, NW (16th and Varnum), Saturday, November 6 at 4:00pm Contributions are requested, but Crestwood residents can come as Gale Black's guests.

    December will be a busy month in Crestwood!

    In addition to the tree planting scheduled for December 4th (see story on the Crestwood Tree Project), the Association is considering a community social event just before Christmas - more information to follow. And, as always, The Sheridans will host caroling on Christmas Eve.

    Looking farther ahead, the Association meeting on Tuesday, January 18 will address the environmental health of the community.

    ANC 4A meetings are held each month - usually on the 1st Tuesday, but the November meeting will be on Wednesday, November 3rd (due to the prior day election). They are at 7:15 PM at Fort Stevens Recreation Center.

    Crestwood Tree Project Keeps Branching Out

    As the leaves fall from the trees throughout Crestwood, the Association is working to make the autumn colors even more spectacular in the future. Work continues on the Crestwood Tree Project, whose ambitious goal is to enhance and protect the neighborhood’s distinctive tree canopy.

    The next tree planting is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th from 8:30 a.m. until noon in the 1900 block of Upshur Street. Our Project partner, Casey Trees, will supply free trees, mulch, stakes and digging assistance - but we need Crestwood volunteers to help out.

    The most recent inventory of trees in other pilot blocks took place September 25th. Existing tree locations are being entered into the Casey Trees database for those blocks - the 1700 block of Taylor Street and the 1800 block of Shepherd Street. The Green Team will recommend sites for new trees, and homeowners will be able to choose from a number of native species, with a planting date coming in early spring.

    Participation in the Crestwood Tree Project is entirely voluntary, and the Association salutes the many homeowners who are working to renew the Crestwood tree canopy. If you have any questions, please contact Doug Barker or other members of the Tree Project working group: Frank Samuel, Peggy Beers, Bill Bentley, Gale Black, Steve Klein, Betsy Kraft, and Beverly and John Ostenso.

    Get Out and Vote (or maybe you already have!)

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, but early voting is underway each day from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (except Sunday) at five locations: One Judiciary Square and (beginning October 23rd) at Chevy Chase Community Center, Hine Junior High School, Turkey Thicket Recreation Center and Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. The last day to request an absentee ballot by mail is Tuesday, October 26. Applications may be printed from the website

    What’s on the ballot? Crestwood voters will be able to cast ballots for Mayor, Council Chairman, At-Large Council Member, Delegate to Congress, and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for single-member district 4A08. Our current commissioner and Association President, Gale Black, is running for re-election unopposed. Give her your vote!

    There is also a proposed amendment to the DC Home Rule Act which would change how the DC Attorney General is chosen. Currently the AG is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The amendment calls for an elected AG beginning in 2014. The Attorney General would then serve a four-year term.

    As in the recent primary voting, returns may be slow in coming on Election Day since DC officials may need to count write-in votes in the mayoral race.

    New Red Light Cameras

    Right now, drivers are only receiving warnings. But if you run afoul of three new red light cameras in Northwest DC beginning November 12th, you'll be hit with a $75 fine. The new locations are: southbound Connecticut Avenue at Porter Street, northbound 14th Street at K Street, and southbound 3rd Street at New York Avenue

    Meet the Councilwoman

    Ward Four Council Representative Muriel Bowser will be meeting within a few blocks of Crestwood on Saturday, November 6.

    She is co-hosting (with AARP) a morning Coffee Talk beginning at 9 a.m. at the Oromo Center at 811 Upshur Street, NW. Among the topics to be discussed are health care reform, affordable housing, utilities, and aging in place. For more information or to RSVP, contact AARP at 202-434-7715 or by e-mail at – or contact Brandon Todd on Councilmember Bowser's Staff at 202-741-0917 or Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

    Crime Log

    The latest crime statistics and trends in and around Crestwood are always available on the community website at

    In September, the following crimes were reported in Crestwood:

    Thefts from Auto (6):

    1600 Allison St (Mon, 9/27, 10:30am)
    1700 Shepherd St (Fri, 9/24, 6:45pm)
    4800 Blagden Av (Fri, 9/17, 7:00pm)
    3900 16th Street (Mon, 9/27, 11:00pm)
    4000 16th Street (Fri, 9/10, 12:15am)
    4100 18th Street (Sat, 9/18, 12:10am)

    Theft (3):

    1700 Shepherd St (Tue, 9/14, 9:00am)
    4400 16th Street (Sun, 9/12, 6:30pm)
    4400 17th Street (Thu, 9/30, 3:30pm)

    Property Damage/Destruction (2):

    4500 16th Street (Wed, 9/8, 7:00am)
    4600 16th Street (Tue, 8/24, 6:30pm)*

    Assault (1):

    3900 16th Street (Fri, 9/24, 1:00am)

    Stolen Auto (1):

    3700 16th Street (Sat, 9/11, 5:00pm)

    Other (2):

    1600 Webster St (Fri, 9/10, 6:13pm)
    4100 16th Street (Sat, 9/18, 12:18am)

    ANC News

    Gale Black, Commissioner for ANC 4A08 and President of the Crestwood Citizens Association, has had a busy season. Among her accomplishments, she:

    • participated at a forum on Juvenile Justice.
    • raised the issue of foreclosures as an issue of concern for the city and for the neighborhood in an effort to stop more Crestwood families from falling victim to the foreclosure crisis.
    • testified on power outages and is working on a position regarding the undergrounding of power lines in targeted areas.
    • supported the Open Government proposal.
    • supported ANC 4A in urging the District government to restore Klingle Road and in voting to support an exemption request from a resident in the 4400 block of 18th Street.
    • pushed for the street repairs along 1900 block of Shepherd which have done.
    • supported the request of a resident on 18th Street for an exception to permit a rear addition. The Board of Zoning agreed with the ANC position and approved the request.

    In Memoriam

    We remember and miss our departed neighbors:

    • Judge Harry T. Alexander
    • Lois Matthews Dyer (whose daughter lives in Crestwood)
    • Rupertha Hunt

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Police, Community React to Increase In Crime

    Since spring began, crime has been on the rise in Crestwood--including a pair of street robberies, along with a spate of break-ins and thefts from autos.

    Representatives from the fourth district of the Metropolitan Police will appear at the Association meeting May 18 to discuss these incidents, the arrests they have made, and their efforts to put an end to these crimes.

    Some of the surge in crime has been stemmed with the help of a Crestwood resident who took photos of suspects. If you see individuals who appear suspicious--and you can take a picture safely, without endangering yourself in any way--do so and provide it to the police. For other crime prevention hints, consult the bottom of the "Crime/Police Information" page of our website,

    You can also use the website to join the Crestwood Neighborhood Email List. The list-serve has been valuable in alerting residents to recent crimes. Also, since young people have been involved in many of these incidents, there has been a lively discussion about the way the District treats minors involved in crimes.

    The crime statistics for April, which can be found on the website, are reprinted below. Incidents in early May have included thefts from auto, a stolen car and the theft of copper gutters from Grace Church and a local home.

    From April 1 through April 30, 2010

    Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
    Assault 18 4 1 1
    Burglary 10 3 3 2 1
    Homicide 0
    Robbery 14 2 2 2
    Stolen Auto 13
    Theft 15 3 3 2 1
    Theft from Auto 19 3 4 4
    Other 75 13 3 3
    Total 164* 30* 16* 11 5

    * Data include 18 crimes in March (one was in Crestwood) that MPD had not previously reported.

    Crestwood Crimes By Block:

    Thefts from Auto (4):
    1600 Crittenden St (Thu, 4/8, 4:00 pm)
    3900 Argyle Ter (Mon, 4/26, 9:00 am)
    4300 Argyle Ter (Mon, 4/12, 3:30 pm)
    4700 Colorado Av (Thu, 4/29, 11:00pm)
    Robberies (2):
    4000 16th Street (Sun, 4/11, 11:50 pm)
    1700 Varnum St (Sun, 4/4, 12:15 am)
    Burglaries (3):
    1600 Taylor St (Fri, 4/30, ? am)
    1600 Upshur St (Thu, 4/15, 1:15 am)
    3800 Argyle Ter (Thu, 4/29, 12:40 pm)
    Assault (1):
    4700 16th Street (Fri, 3/26, 1:00 pm)
    Thefts (3):
    2000 Trumbull Ter (Thu, 4/22, 7:00 am)
    4300 16th Street (Sun, 4/4, 7:00 am)
    4700 16th Street (Thu, 4/1, 10:00 pm)
    Property Destruction/Damage (3):
    1800 Taylor St (Thu, 4/29, 4:10 pm)
    1800 Varnum St (Tue, 4/27, 7:00 am)
    4500 Blagden Ave (Wed, 4/7, 5:00 pm)

    Crestwood & Area Trends:

    -- In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 16 crimes were reported in April, up from 9 in March and a 7-month high..

    -- Also in Crestwood, the 8 burglaries, thefts & robberies were up from 2 in March, and at least 10 of the 16 crimes were during daylight hours..

    -- Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 30 crimes were reported in April, down from 37 in March. Twenty-three were on or near 14th St..

    Members To Elect Association Leadership

    The Crestwood Citizens Association will hold its annual elections at the meeting on May 18th--as members vote for officers of the Association and delegates to the Citizens Federation, and designate block contacts.

    The Association has issued several calls for nominations for officers and Board members. Most of the neighbors currently in office have agreed to serve for another year. However, we need a candidate for Secretary, and we encourage members to step forward for that office or for any of the leadership posts. Please contact the Association's Communications Director, Tom Chused.

    The Board governs the Association, and officers serve for one-year terms which continue until a new officer is selected. More information may be found online. Here is the proposed slate for 2010-2011:

    President: Gale Black
    Vice President/Crest: David Swerdloff
    Vice President/Green Team: Doug Barker
    Vice Presidents/Social: George & Debbie Chaconas
    Secretary: Vacant
    Treasurer: Ellen Wormser
    Communications & Website: Tom Chused
    Kids Team: Nicole Skinner, Sara Moghadam Pietras and Kara Morgan
    Safety and Police: John Ostenso
    Issues: Gale Black

    Author to Discuss Peirce Family History
    More Than the Mill

    Throughout most of the history of our neighborhood, the Peirces and their descendants have lived right next door. We will learn about this fascinating family at a special presentation at the May 18th Association meeting by Steve Dryden, vice-president of Friends of Peirce Mill. An environmental and preservation activist, Mr. Dryden is the author of the recent book, Peirce Mill: Two Hundred Years in the Nation's Capital.

    Only photos remain of the mills that operated on the estate that became Crestwood. But soon the millstones will be grinding once again a short walk down the creek at Peirce Mill, one of the few buildings still standing that can attest to DC's agrarian past. Mr. Dryden will tell the story of the mill, and describe how the Peirces went on to build a lucrative horticulture business that brought many visitors to our area. Family members then joined with Thomas Blagden in pushing for improvements that led to the development of Crestwood and its environs. And Peirce descendants went off in other directions, as well--including Hollywood.

    Have Your Say about the Neighborhood's Hot Issues

    Quite a few topics have been sparking conversation on the Crestwood list-serve. The May 18th meeting will give you an opportunity to give the Association your input on such issues as:

    • Our recent spike in crime, and reforms that might keep juveniles from becoming repeat offenders;
    • The city's efforts to put sidewalks on at least one side of the street on every block which does not have them;
    • Zoning regulations that are now being updated; and,
    • The District's attempts to tack on new fees to help pay for necessary services such as street lights and electricity.

    Green Team Report

    A Good Spring Cleaning;
    Then Helping the Crestwood Tree Project Branch Out

    The Crestwood Citizens Association's Green Team had another successful clean-up on April 10th. More than 20 volunteers from the neighborhood and beyond picked up all the trash along Piney Branch from the area beneath the 16th Street bridge to Rock Creek, and also along the stream beside Blagden Drive. The spring event was part of two wider efforts: the second annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup sponsored by the Friends of Rock Creek's Environment (FORCE) and the Alice Ferguson Foundation's Trash Free Potomac River Watershed Initiative. Volunteers collected 30 bags of trash and 7 bags of recyclables that the National Park Service collected after the event. The amount of trash found along Piney Branch was somewhat less than in previous years. This same positive trend was reported from many of the other 50+ cleanup sites along the 33 miles of Rock Creek from Laytonsville in upper Montgomery County to the Potomac River.

    Our Trees

    The Green Team's Crestwood Tree Project Working Group is gearing up for a new planting season and the next phase of the neighborhood's partnership with Casey Trees. This is a ten-year initiative to restore and protect the trees of Crestwood that add so much to the beauty, health and value of our community.

    At a recent meeting, the Working Group developed a schedule for 2010 and reviewed what was learned from last year's pilot project, which included a tree inventory and planting activities in the pilot areas.

    The review showed that the 30 homeowners who received the more-than 40 trees donated by Casey Trees were satisfied with the tree specimens and with the planting assistance. Support from Casey Trees was not only available, but also positive, knowledgeable and results-oriented. As we go forward, ongoing tree maintenance will be a significant concern in order to make the most of the trees that were planted and keep the neighborhood's existing trees safe and healthy. The Tree Project process could be streamlined to make it easier for homeowners to participate. And, finally, the tree inventory prepared in September was under-utilized in planning and executing the tree plantings.

    Looking ahead to activities this summer and fall, the Tree Project Working Group made a number of decisions that build on last year's experience. First, the preparation schedule will be simplified. It calls for neighborhood meetings in July, an inventory in September, and plantings in late October or early November. The Tree Project will be extended to three new blocks: Upshur Street west from Argyle Terrace, the 1800 block of Taylor Street, and the 1800 block of Shepherd Street. Tree Project captains for these blocks are Betsy Kraft for Upshur and Steve Klein for Taylor, with the captain for Shepherd yet to be determined.

    More information on planned events will be forthcoming later in the year. Anyone interested in helping with the plans and activities should contact any of the following members of the Tree Project Working Group: Doug Barker (Quincy Street), Peggy Beers (Quincy Street), Bill Bentley (Crestwood Drive), Gale Black (Crestwood Drive), Steve Klein (Taylor Street), Betsy Kraft (Upshur Street), Beverly and John Ostenso (Varnum Street), Frank Samuel (Randolph Street).

    The Green Team would like to thank the many volunteers who helped make 2009 a very successful first year for the Crestwood Tree Project!

    Kids Team Serious About Having Fun

    As pictured above, the Association's Kids Team had another successful Easter Egg Hunt. Planning is underway for this year's Fourth of July Kids Parade, which will likely be on the Third of July this year. Stay tuned!

    The Crestwood Directory:
    A Great Perk of Association Membership 

    The 2010 Crestwood Directory is nearly ready for distribution to members of the Crestwood Citizens Association. This information, which is not available online, will help you connect with your neighbors.

    Who has interests like yours? Which families have kids the same age or at the same schools? How do you contact someone on your block in an emergency? The answers are all in the 2010 Crestwood Directory.

    Joining the Association is easy. Contact Treasurer Ellen Wormser (Upshur Street) with your dues: $25 per family or $20 for a single person household. While the boundaries of the Association reach only as far north as Varnum Street, the membership is available to residents on adjacent streets who wish to participate.

    A Year of Results

    The annual May meeting brings the Association's year to a close.

    Looking back, we have had a positive impact on the neighborhood and the District.

    In addition to the Green Team and Kids Team projects described above, and the printing of a new Crestwood Directory, the Association and ANC 4A have spoken for the community on a number of issues:

    • The efforts of the Association and ANC 4A helped to finally get the pathway built down Blagden Avenue and get new paving on Broad Branch Road. The next step is to keep pushing to extend the path further up Blagden, add safety features for pedestrians near Beach Drive, and get Broad Branch Road rebuilt so that it doesn't fall into the creek.
    • The city has proposed rulemaking (see the 4/30 DC Register) to eliminate the hourly restrictions on parking after 6:30 pm. The Association encouraged ANC 4A in its vote to support that change.
    • The Association submitted a list of DC budget priorities, which was relayed through the ANC to the Council.
    • Association President Gale Black testified twice before the Council on water quality and urged the city to do more to address contaminants in the water and to implement storm water standards. The city has just released a list of impaired waters--and it was no surprise to us that we live right next to the filth that can flow into Rock Creek and Piney Branch at a number of sites.
    • The Association has closely monitored PEPCO's performance in the neighborhood. ANC 4A opposed the utility's request for a distribution rate hike and was partially successful.
    • In recent ANC action, the commissioners have opposed efforts to open a new pawn shop within the 4A area. At the May 4th ANC 4A meeting, the commissioners voted to support the request of the YuYing School to open in Ward 4 (likely at Walter Reed). The ANC also heard from Howard University Hospital on its request to relocate to the Walter Reed site.

      We look forward, with your active participation, to a 2010-2011 Association year that will make Crestwood an even better place to live!

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Association Meeting Tuesday, January 19, 7 - 8:30 PM
    at the home of the Chastang family 1720 Varnum Street, NW 
    It came out of the sky!!!!

       That would be the snow from our December blizzard, of course. We learned a great deal about how prepared—and unprepared—we are to deal with a major storm. For example, many of us never realized that the District government does not plow alleys. That created a double whammy: not only were the alleys impassable, but snow piled up by the plows blocked the exits from the alleys onto city streets. We also were lucky that power outages were not widespread. Let's talk together at the January meeting of the Crestwood Citizens Association. Are there things we should be doing as individuals, as neighbors and as an Association to get ourselves ready for a similar emergency? Are there some changes we’d like to press the DC government to take?
       You can also take your concerns to the January ANC meeting. By the way, ANC 4A has been focusing on deer management. After hearing the views of many residents, the Commissioners voted for the non-lethal method as the first step in controlling the deer population. We are now awaiting a decision from the Park Service.

    It comes in our water & air!!

       That would be Crestwood's serious environmental concerns — and they will also be a major subject of the January meeting. On the one hand, we are active in working to improve the environment ourselves through our Green Team initiatives, including the Crestwood Tree Canopy Project (in cooperation with Casey Trees) and the Rain Garden Project. We will get updates on both of these. Trees were planted in November as part of step one in the tree project.
       But we’ve also invited George Hawkins, Director of the DC Department of the Environment. Get your questions ready about our water and air quality — and other environmental concerns. Other invited guests include representatives from DC Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s office, and the Mayor’s office. You can make your voice heard on subjects such as sidewalks and the home improvement permit process. And we’ll get into transportation issues—from the Blagden Avenue path to upkeep of Crestwood streets, Broad Branch Road and Klingle Road.

    Greetings from the Association

       On behalf of myself and our fellow officers of the Crestwood Citizens Association, thank you for your show of support and participation at Association events. We are honored to be a part of this vibrant, innovative civic organization. The Association is fun — and a great way to connect with the community. Even if there were no perks (like the Crestwood directory, notices of events, the Green Team, the Kids Team, the Social Team and a network of block contacts), it has lasted because of the camaraderie and the bonds between families.

       Yes, there are issues that perpetually confront any urban community—like crime, traffic, tickets, PEPCO, the need for good schools and clean water and air. Our goal is to address those issues, along with zoning, transportation and the environment for the benefit of all of us. To be our most successful, we need an informed group to help guide us toward a positive outcome. Our aim is to preserve and protect and enjoy the great quality of life here in Crestwood. We can accomplish this by working together.

       Our Kids Team, Social Team and Green Team have been active throughout 2009. At our monthly Association meetings, we have shared views on the issues that continue to affect Crestwood—plus some new ones. For example, at our November meeting, we heard from the Department of Health on the H1N1 threat and how to protect ourselves.

       We have also been effective within the ANC. Here are some of the ways that ANC 4A08 has been working for all of us:

    • ANC 4A voted to expedite the repair of Broad Branch Road and the installation of the path down Blagden Avenue.

    • ANC 4A sent a letter to the Mayor requesting an update on the status of the repairs to Klingle Road. The city is planning to maintain an access route at the right-of-way. ANC 4A is asking whether we will get to use the road—especially if it is being funded with public money.

    • ANC 4A08 also testified on water quality and continues to urge that more be done to address the city’s infrastructure needs, including the long overdue fixes to the combined storm sewers. This is a huge public health issue.

    • ANC4A opposed the Board of Zoning Adjustment’s request for a consent calendar that would permit (without review) one-story additions on residential single family homes.

    • ANC 4A testified in opposition to PEPCO’s request for a distribution rate increase.

    • ANC 4A08 also testified on proposed changes to the Zoning Regulations. These could potentially modify the required set-back and set-aside areas between houses.

    • ANC 4A voted to allow funds for neighborhood projects – which are available upon application to the ANC 4A, which meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

       As the late Rochelle Rowlette said in 1989, “When we work together on an issue, all of us benefit and the entire community gains.”

       If you are not already a member of the Crestwood Citizens Association, we invite you to join us. Visit our website at or call 202-997-3300.

    Gale Barron Black, Association President and ANC 4A08 Commissioner

    Special Thank You To Vaugn-Cooke Family 

       The Vaughn-Cookes hosted the joint Crestwood Citizens Association and Neighborhood League holiday potluck on December 5th. Thanks to all our guests — hope you had a great time! The Association requested that participants bring gloves, mittens, scarves and toiletries for the less fortunate. We are pleased to report we were able to deliver donations for 30 children to Martha’s Table on December 10th.

    What is an ANC SMD?

       An Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) is a non-partisan, neighborhood body mode up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. They are a unique feature of the District’s Home Rule Charter. The ANCs were established to bring government closer to the people and the people closer to government. In addition to providing people with a greater say in the matters that affect their neighborhoods, ANCs were intended to end the duplication of effort caused by the proliferation of special advisory groups.
       There are 37 ANCs. Each ANC area is subdivided into a number of smaller areas or districts. Since only one Commissioner is elected per district, they are called Single Member Districts (SMDs). The ANCs’ main job is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government and Federal agencies on things that affect their districts. DC law says that agencies cannot take any action that will significantly affect the district unless they give the affected ANCs 30 days’ advance notice. This includes zoning, streets, recreation, education, social services, sanitation, planning, safety, budget and health services.
       The Association’s area falls within ANC 4A08, which includes Crestwood and most of Crestwood North. ANC 4A covers the area from the Park up to and including Allison Street and some of Colorado Avenue, NW. Both Crestwood and Crestwood North also fall in Census Tract 26.

    Crestwood History

       2010 will mark the 100th anniversary of the building of the oldest surviving homes in the greater Crestwood area. Their story is just part of the surprising history of our neighborhood, which is available on the Crestwood website. Choose to read the brief history — or click on links to the longer slide show or the full 133-page story of Crestwood. All three histories are available at

    Crime in Crestwood

       The latest information is always available on the Crestwood website at

    Neighborhood Notes

    • The Association is proposing funding for beautification projects that will enhance the neighborhood – like landscaping around the Crestwood sign. What are your thoughts?

    • ANC 4A08 is considering bringing in a shredding machine for neighbors to safely dispose of documents and avoid identity theft.

    • The city is about to embark on a major revision of the zoning laws. We need to stay on top of this issue. It’s up to all of us to protect the residential nature of our neighborhood.

    • We encourage our block contacts to coordinate at least one social event at the block level each year. It’s useful especially to welcome new families to the block. Progressive dinners work well. Entrée at one spot…dessert at another. Would you like to serve as a block contact? Do you know who your block contact is?

    • Help keep the streetlights shining throughout the winter. 311 is the new number to call to report a dark streetlight —o r use the DC government website.

    • Please look out for your neighbors, especially seniors.

    Upcoming Dates on the Association Calendar
    Mark these events down on your calendar at home — or, for the more technologically inclined, put them in your PDA, smartphone or whatever:

    Tuesday, January 19 – Association Meeting

    Tuesday, March 16 - Association meeting - Location TBD

    April – Park Clean-up TBD

    Tuesday, May 18 - Annual meeting – Grace Church

    Sunday, September 12 – Annual Crestwood Street Picnic

    Tuesday, September 21 - Association Meeting

    Please attend the ANC 4A meetings held the first Tuesday of the month at Fort Stevens Recreation Center, 13th and Van Buren Streets, NW

    Crestwood Citizens Association Board of Directors

    President Gale Barron Black
    Vice President & Newsletter Editor David Swerdloff
    Vice President & Green Team Leader Doug Barker
    Vice Presidents & Social Team Leaders George & Deb Chaconas
    Treasurer Ellen Wormser
    Secretary Marsha Francis
    Communications & Website Coordinator Tom Chused
    Kids Team Nicole Skinner
    Safety & Police John and Beverly Ostenso
    Issues Jeff Hildebrand

  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join Us for a Crestwood Tradition:
    Our Four th of J uly Kids Parade

    Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Gather at 1810 Shepherd St. NW. We will enjoy muffins, bagels, coffee, and juice while the kids decorate their bikes, scooters, strollers, wagons, and anything else they want to bring!
    The parade will begin around 10:00 am.

    Parade Route: start at 1810 Shepherd St heading east, then left onto 18th Street, left onto Taylor, left onto Argyle Terrace, left onto Randolph Street, left onto 18th Street, left onto Shepherd to finish at 1810 Shepherd.

    Bring your children, who will have a wonderful time and bring yourselves to see a great show!

    If you would like to contribute food or beverages, please contact Nicole Ruman Skinner at If you are able to assist with decorations or a flier, please contact Kara Morgan at

    History Project Set to Go On Line

    Within about a week or so, you’ll be able to go to the Crestwood website and learn more about the history of our neighborhood. The story begins with Native Americans who came here to quarry stone, catch fish and gather walnuts. It continues through hundreds of years in which the greater Crestwood area was a single estate. Development finally came about—but only rather recently, since our o ldest homes still standing were built less than a century ago.

    Two versions of the history project will be available at One is a slide show, similar to the program David Swerdloff presented at the May meeting of the Association. The other version is a full 130-page account of Crestwood through the years, with many more photos and maps.

    Both versions include the two images we see here. At the top left is a portrait of Thomas Blagden, who in 1853 purchased the estate that became Crestwood. [Photo courtesy of great great grandson Allen Blagden]Thomas Blagden lived in a lovely manor house, which  unfortunately was torn down in 1934 to make way for development. In the bottom right photo of that house (taken just a few years before the structure was destroyed), we are looking north across Varnum Street, just east of 18th Street. [Photo courtesy of the Historical Society of Washington DC]

    Association Elects New Officers

    Here is the slate of officers approved at the May meeting of the Crestwood Citizens Association for the 2009 to 2010 term:

    President Gale Barron Black
    Vice President/Green Team Doug Barker
    Vice President/Crest David Swerdloff
    Vice Presidents/Social George & Deb Chaconas
    Secretary Marsha Francis
    Treasurer Ellen Wormser
    Communications & Website Tom Chused
    Kids Team Nicole Skinner
    Safety & Police John Ostenso
    Issues Jeff Hildebrand

    Delegates to the Federation of Citizens Associations:

    Gale Barron Black, Jeff Hildebrand, Pat Hildebrand (alternate) 

    We are also looking for additional block contacts to help with communication and to assist in projects like updating the Crestwood Directory (a project that is already being organized). Please contact any officer.

    Association/ANC/Police Service Area Calendar

    Mark these events down on your calendar at home — or, for the more technologically inclined, put them in your PDA smartphone or whatever:

    Saturday, July 4 Fourth of July Kids Parade
    Tuesday, July 21 Crestwood Citizens Association Board meeting
    TBA in July Tree Canopy Project meeting
    August 1-9 FYI: Legg Mason Tennis Classic
    Sunday, September 13 Association Picnic (always the Sunday after Labor Day)
    Tuesday, September 15 Association membership meeting
    Saturday, October 10 (Tentative) Tree Planting event
    Tuesday, October 20 Association membership meeting
    Sunday, October 25 Kids Halloween Party
    Sunday, November 15 Association membership meeting (we’re experimenting by holding a meeting during the day on a Sunday, instead of in the evening on the third Tuesday of the month)
    Sunday, December 13 Holiday Wreath Making
    Tuesday, December 24 Caroling
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Association membership meeting
    Tuesday, March 16 Association membership meeting
    Sunday, April 4 Rock Creek Clean-up

    Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:15 pm at the Fort Stevens Recreation Center at 1327 Van Buren Street, NW. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 1.

    Police Service Area (PSA) 404 holds community meetings on the 4th Thursday of every month at 7 pm at 801 Shepherd Street, NW.

    Association Begins Tree Project on Pilot Blocks in Partnership with Casey Trees

    Three blocks in Crestwood have been selected for the “pilot” phase of a neighborhood-wide effort aimed at renewing our neighborhood’s canopy and understory trees. The Crestwood Tree Project was initiated last fall under the guidance of the Association’s Green Team, and the pilot phase was approved at the Association’s annual meeting in May.

    "Canopy" trees are the really tall ones—like oaks, beeches and maples — that are typical of the mature trees in Rock Creek Park. "Understory" trees are the lower trees that often have an impressive show of spring flowers — like dogwood and redbud. Renewal of both types of trees does not occur naturally in an established neighborhood like ours — and the D.C. Government doesn't have responsibility for anything other than street trees, which it replaces only as budgets permit. So the Tree Project Working Group thought that a long-term effort was called for and has established the year 2020 as the target date for completing the Project

    There are many benefits of a mature canopy of trees: lower energy costs, higher property values, environmental advantages like oxygen production and decreased storm water runoff—and last, but certainly not least, the special character of the Crestwood neighborhood that comes from the feeling and appearance of being "in the Park."

    Fortunately, there is an organization that supports Washington neighborhoods in improving their trees. This group, Casey Trees, helped the Association’s Green Team with replantings at the Point (where Shepherd Street intersects with Crestwood Drive and 18th Street), and has expressed an enthusiastic willingness to help the Green Team and its Tree Project Working Group develop a long-range plan and assist with tree plantings. This will be one of Casey Trees’ first long-range neighborhood partnerships.

    The schedule for this year includes the following steps:

    • June-July: Education meetings with Casey Trees in each of the three "pilot" blocks. The blocks (and meeting hosts) are: Crestwood Drive (Gale and Bill Bentley and Sue and Alan Houseman); the 1700 block of Varnum (Bev and John Ostenso, Steve Klein); and the "interior" block bounded by Quincy Street, Argyle Terrace, Randolph Street and 18th Street (Doug Barker and Jacqueline and Frank Samuel).
    • August-September: inventory of canopy and understory trees in the three pilot areas, conducted by Crestwood volunteers assisted by Casey Trees experts and volunteers.
    • October-November: planting of selected trees in the three pilot areas, again by Crestwood volunteers assisted by Casey Trees. Depending on the number of trees needed, this phase may not be completed until the spring of 2010.

    The Crestwood Tree Project Working Group is composed of the following neighbors: Doug Barker (Green Team chair), Peggy Beers, Gale Black, Steve Klein, Betsy Kraft, Bev and John Ostenso, and Frank Samuel (Working Group chair). If you would like to volunteer or learn more about this important Crestwood activity, contact Doug ( or Frank (>/a>).

    Latest Crime Statistics

    May, 2009 – Police Service Area 404

    Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
    Assault 36

    Burglary 7
    Homicide 1

    Robbery 6


    Stolen Auto 12

    Theft 18

    Theft from Auto 15

    Other 23

    Total 118* 18* 13
    *Data include 50 crimes in March (2 were in Crestwood), and exclude 32 in earlier months (5 were in Crestwood), that MPD had not previously reported.

    Crestwood Crimes By Block:

    Thefts from Auto (4):
    3900 16th Street (Sat, 5/2, 8:30pm)
    4700 17th Street (Tue, 5/19, 12:30am)
    1600 Shepherd St (Fri, 5/1, 6:00pm)
    1600 Shepherd St (Sun, 5/24, 12:30pm)

    Stolen Autos (2):
    3900 16th Street (Sun, 5/3, 3:00pm)
    3900 18th Street (Fri, 5/1, 11:00pm)

    Theft (1):
    1600 Buchanan St (Sat, 5/23 10:00am)

    Burglaries (3):
    3900 16th Street (Mon, 5/18, 11:15am)
    4000 16th Street (Fri, 5/1, 3:00pm)
    1700 Shepherd St (Wed, 4/15, u.r.)*

    Robbery (1):
    4300 Argyle Ter (Tue, 5/26, 1:15pm)

    Shots Fired (1):
    1800 Upshur St (Mon, 5/25, 1:40pm)

    Assault (1):
    3700 16th Street (Mon, 4/27, 11:15pm)*

    Crestwood & Area Trends:

    --In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 13 crimes were reported in May, up from 12 in April.

    --Four Crestwood crimes were thefts from auto (versus two in April); three were burglaries (versus six the previous month).

    --Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 18 crimes were reported in May, up from 11 in April. Eleven were on or near 14th Street.

    --In PSA 404 as a whole, 118 crimes were reported in May, down from 123 in April. Three categories increased (assault, theft & homicide), and five were down or even.

  • Fri, June 09, 2017 1:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Newsletter of the Crestwood Citizens Association, established 1941 April, 2007

    Special Election May 1

    Meet the Ward 4 Candidates

    In Person

        Take advantage of one of your final opportunities to get a close-up look at the candidates for the Ward 4 seat on the City Council in advance of the May 1 special election.
        The Crestwood Citizens Association is proud to join with Neighbors, Inc, the Civic League of North Portal Estates and the Shepherd Park Citizens Association in sponsoring a candidates forum.
        Join us Tuesday, April 24 from 6 to 9 pm at Takoma Park Baptist Church - less than a mile from Crestwood at the corner of Aspen Street and Piney Branch Road NW.

    Ward 4 Candidates Forum
    Tuesday, April 24, 6-9 pm
    Takoma Park Baptist Church
    Aspen Street at Piney Branch Road

    On the Web and on Paper

        The Crestwood Citizens Association is preparing to post on our website the answers to a survey we sent to each of the Ward 4 Council candidates. Each question deals with an issue of special relevance to Crestwood - from water quality and power outages to non-residential properties and a safe path to Rock Creek Park.
        The target date for posting their responses is April 20. Read their answers on the Crestwood web site.
        In addition, the member of the Association who hosts the Crestwood site, Jeff Steele, has put together an independent website that collects a tremendous amount of information about each of the candidates - including endorsements, news stories and replies to a variety of surveys. Find those web pages at And thank you, Jeff, for all your hard work.
        There is a quick look at the end of this email at each of the candidates - in the order they will appear on the May 1 ballot.

    Association Meeting May 15

    Meet the Mayor

        Mayor (and neighbor) Adrian Fenty will speak at the Crestwood Citizens Association’s May meeting. We are also inviting the winning candidate for the Ward 4 Council seat. Forward any questions you’d like answered to this email address:
        At the May meeting, the Association also elects officers and Board members for the coming year. We always need new leaders for elected positions and as members of our various Teams. Email to to volunteer your energies or to nominate others in advance of the May meeting.

    Crestwood Citizens Association meeting:
    Mayor Fenty & Association elections
    Tuesday, May 15, 7 pm
    Grace Lutheran Church, 16th Street
    at Varnum Street (side entrance)

        Splish, Splash, Green Team at work
        The Association’s Green Team was proud to participate in the Potomac Watershed Clean-Up Saturday morning, March 31. 22 volunteers picked up 45 bags of trash and 12 bags of recyclables along Piney Branch and by the creek along Blagden Avenue.
        The next big Green Team event is the Rock Creek Park BioBlitz May 18-19, a 24-hour inventory of the species in Rock Creek Park. Learn more at

    Letter from the President
    Dear Crestwood Neighbors,
        This has been an eventful year. We have a new mayor and are about to elect his replacement on the City Council. We had an ANC election that was too close to call.
        The Association has planted trees at the point, cleaned up the park, held a Halloween party, Easter Egg hunt and wreath making workshop, and visited Hillwood Museum. Our meetings in 2007 have dealt with some of the biggest issues facing the neighborhood: unreliable electric service, crime and property taxes. We testified on the comprehensive plan and are working closely with the Federation of Citizens Associations on issues of importance to DC. We are partners with North Portal Estates and Shepherd Park on a candidates forum; and we’ve drafted a survey for the 19 contenders for the Ward 4 Council seat.
        For those who may not know, the Crestwood Citizens Association was established to serve the Crestwood community - which the District government recognizes as its own neighborhood, distinct from Carter Barron and Crestwood North (formerly Rock Creek). Our Crestwood neighborhood is located between Rock Creek Park and 16th Street within a single ANC (4A08). We concentrate on this 32-block area so we can get to know our neighbors and focus together on our common concerns. But we are always happy to work closely with neighbors from nearby streets.
        We hold six business meetings a year (every other month) and numerous social events, like the Sunday after Labor Day Picnic and the 4th of July kids parade. The Crestwood Association works in teams—including the Green Team, Kids Team, Social Team and Public Safety team. The Board and officers serve as our issues team for the Crestwood community. We also depend on our block contacts and have members on every street in Crestwood and Crestwood North. If you are not a member, you may not be getting all of the e-mails and notices. Crestwood residents maintain the neighborhood website and a Crestwood list serve.
        For the past several years, the Association's membership has been growing. Don't miss out. Join the Crestwood Citizens Association.
        Thanks for caring about our community,
    Gale Barron Black, President, Crestwood Citizens Association
    Neighborhood Notes
        Directory: A new Crestwood Directory is nearly here. In addition to names, addresses and phone numbers, there’s space to list hobbies and pets - all designed to help you network with neighbors with similar interests. Please respond to the request to update your listing. The new directory is free for dues-paying households. If you’ve never joined the Association, please send a check for $25 for a household of two or more people, or $20 for a single person household - payable to the Crestwood Citizens Association - to our CCA Treasurer at 1950 Upshur Street.
        Crime: After the number of crimes in Crestwood hit an 18-month low in February, incidents were up a bit in March. Five crimes were reported - all during the evening or late night hours. The log includes one burglary, one robbery, a stolen auto and two thefts from auto. In PSA 404 as a whole, 77 crimes were reported - an increase from February in all categories except homicide.
        Calendar: In addition to the April 24th candidates forum and the May 15 annual meeting, here’s just some of what’s coming up:
    5/18-19 - Rock Creek Park BioBlitz
    7/4 - Independence Day Kids Parade
    9/9 - Crestwood Citizens Association Picnic
    September - Autumn Garden Tour
    October - Green Team Invasive Vines Project
    October - Halloween Kids Team event
        Your current officers & Board members:
    • Gale Black, President - Crestwood Drive
    • Tom Chused, Director of Communications & Website coordinator - Randolph Street
    • Doug Barker, Vice President & Green Team - Quincy Street
    • David Swerdloff, Vice President & Newsletter - Trumbull Terrace
    • George & Deborah Chaconas, Vice Presidents & Social Team - Quincy Street
    • Thomas Calhoun, Vice President & Emergency Preparedness Team - Argyle Terrace
    • David Cichanowicz, Vice President - Randolph Street
    • Ellen Wormser, Treasurer - Upshur Street
    • Pat Hildebrand, Secretary - Taylor Street
    • Kids Team Captains: Nicole Ruman Skinner - Shepherd Street, Sarah Moghdam Pietra - Upshur Street, Kara Morgan - Upshur Street
    • Public Safety & Police Team Captains: Melvin Baker - Shepherd Street, Gale Black - Crestwood Drive

    Ward 4 Candidates

    [in ballot order, displaying information from candidate surveys and websites]

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 45 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Native Washingtonian, civil litigation attorney, former commissioner of ANC 4A02

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 41 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Third generation Washingtonian, Managing Partner of Alcalde & Fay lobbying firm, board member of Comcast Communications, member of the Ward 4 Education Council, past board member of the Whitman Walker Clinic and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, past Vice Chairman of the DC Boxing & Wrestling Commission, Co-Chairman of AIDS Walk DC, past Finance Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, son of Clinton Administration Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 46 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Native Washingtonian, educator who has taught at the college, junior high and elementary school levels, after school and journalism coordinator at Francis Junior High School, founder and basketball coach of the Avenue Speedin’ Spiders Sports Association, more than 20 years experience as a criminal justice professional

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 41 NEIGHBORHOOD: Shepherd Park
    Executive Director of Metropolitan/Delta Adult Literacy Council, chairman of the Voice of Upper Georgia Avenue, member of the Great Streets Advisory Board

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 40 NEIGHBORHOOD: Brightwood
    Native Washingtonian and product of the DC public schools, government relations consultant, member of the DC Democratic State Committee since 1992, former Executive Director of the DC Democratic Party, former education specialist with the DC Board of Education

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 34 NEIGHBORHOOD: Riggs Park
    Fourth-generation Washingtonian, commissioner for ANC 4B09, former treasurer of ANC 4B, elected First VP of Ward 4 Democrats, elected Second VP of the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association, Ward 4 Precinct Coordinator for the Fenty 2006 Mayoral Campaign

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 66 NEIGHBORHOOD: Manor Park
    President of Manor Park Citizens Association, Past President of the Federation of Citizens Associations, Member of Committee of 100 of the Federal City, former member of the DC Board of Higher Education

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 51 NEIGHBORHOOD: Crestwood
    Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church, former DC Board of Education President and at-large representative

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 66 NEIGHBORHOOD: Brightwood

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 49 NEIGHBORHOOD: South Manor
    Native Washingtonian, Managing Director of e-MediaPro, former public affairs director for the DC Fire & EMS Department, former WHUR and CBS radio news reporter, current newsletter editor and former officer of the South Manor Neighborhood Association

    PARTY: Independent AGE: 46 NEIGHBORHOOD: Lamond
    Native Washingtonian, commissioner of ANC 4B07, founder of LamondLinks community newsletter, cofounder of the Lamond Sunshine Block Club, nearly 20 years experience as a teacher in DC and Maryland schools

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 54 NEIGHBORHOOD: Brightwood
    Native Washingtonian, product of DC public schools, former chair of ANC 4C, past president of the Carter Barron East Neighborhood Association, owner of Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care Salon

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 52 NEIGHBORHOOD: Chillum
    Senior Minister at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 40 NEIGHBORHOOD: Shepherd Park
    Native Washingtonian, founder and Executive Director of Metropolitan Alliance Inc., field case specialist and therapeutic social worker with the DC Department of Mental Health

    PARTY: Statehood Green AGE: 57 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Chair of ANC 4D, commissioner of ANC 4D02, former commissioner on the DC Commission on Human Rights, Assistant General Counsel for the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 52 NEIGHBORHOOD: Colonial Village
    Special education attorney with experience teaching law at Howard University and the University of Nairobi

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 40 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Native Washingtonian, Reunion Officer and fundraiser at Howard University

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 35 NEIGHBORHOOD: Riggs Park
    Native Washingtonian, founder of Sloan Consulting, former outreach coordinator in Mayor Williams’ Office of Community Affairs, former Community Relations Director for Councilman Harold Brazil, former legislative analyst for the DC City Council Judiciary Committee, former commissioner of ANC 4A01, founder of Funding Advancements for Tomorrow political action committee (FATPAC), vice president of DC Young Democrats, former vice president of Ward Four Democrats

    PARTY: Democrat AGE: 45 NEIGHBORHOOD: Petworth
    Former member of the DC Board of Education

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