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The Crest Fall 2013

Tue, June 13, 2017 8:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

1. Zoning Regulations

The city has proposed comprehensive revisions and amendments to the Zoning Regulations. Seven hearings are scheduled for each of the subtitles. In addition to the problem noted above, probably of most significance to us, the city is permitting all houses to have an accessory dwelling (rent out your basement/garage apartment). Note, however, that the property has to be owner-occupied and would still be limited to the same number of people currently permitted (no more than 6 unrelated people.)

The regulations deal with a varied range of subjects: height, setbacks, tree removal, parking, garages, etc. and it is very difficult to follow what is being proposed. For example, the section on residential housing says “non-residential business uses may be permitted such as a home occupation.” The list includes “sales” and “lodging.” “Lodging, however, is not defined, and one can assume that short term rentals are still not allowed. At the same time, the new rules prohibit “motor-vehicle-related” home occupations. So does resident who is a collector of vintage cars have a problem?

There are also proposed changes to alley uses. It seems to suggest that parking in alleys would be permitted, especially for car-sharing spaces.

Tree removal regulations are unbelievably complex and detailed and will affect, in all likelihood, properties such as the one on Mathewson Dr.

The rules also allow for the relaxation of the rules for those who ask for an exception. If that doesn’t work, they can ask for a variance. It is thus unclear how we will be able to ensure that the permitted uses are consistent with and compatible to our neighborhood and quality of life.

2. The City is proposing to move the voting place for all Crestwood residents to a less convenient location. 

Rather than voting at Powell Elementary (precinct 47) or Sharpe Health School (precinct 48), the proposal would have all Crestwood residents vote at West Elementary at 1338 Farragut Street NW.

The idea behind the new plan by the Board of Elections is to have precinct boundaries correspond with existing Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) Single-Member District (SMD) boundaries in order to reduce the cost of printing ballots and to allow all voters in one SMD to use a single polling place. However, the proposal would combine Crestwood's SMD (4A08) with 4C02, which extends to Georgia Avenue. Meanwhile, 4C03, 4C04 and 4C05 would get to vote within their neighborhood at Powell. With most of 4A08's records already at Powell, it would be more cost efficient and convenient to have all of Crestwood's voters go to Powell - especially since there is not enough time to implement the proposed changes before the city's April 1 primary election.

Our message to the Board of Elections is that voters west of 16th Street should continue to cast ballots near to where they live - as they have for many years at Powell and Sharpe.

A hearing will be held on Friday, October 18th at 10 AM in the Zoning Hearing Room, 2nd Floor South, One Judiciary Square.

3. Although the crime rate in Crestwood is steady, the types of crime appear more threatening than the more common theft from auto.

We have received notice of two home invasions in the past month. One of the homes (on Shepherd Street) was occupied by a senior. She was not harmed, but this is an alarming and new trend.

4. Furloughs impact many in the neighborhood.

Although it is hard to put an accurate count, judging from the directory entries, many in the neighborhood are federal employees or contractors who may be impacted by the shutdown.

5. The Crestwood History Book will be going to print soon.

David Swerdloff's book on the neighborhood's history, Crestwood: 300 Acres, 300 Years, is now being printed by Politics and Prose, with the help of a grant from the Humanities Council of Washington DC. A proof copy will be at the Crestwood Citizens Association meeting on October 15 (and you will be able toplace an order). All proceeds benefit the Association. So far, more than 80 books have been ordered, and they will be delivered by the end of the month. While the book will be available soon at Politics and Prose and on the store's website (and eventually on, the Association benefits much more when you order directly from our stock.

6. Calendar


  • Tuesday, October 15th at 7 PM – 1950 Upshur (Member of Board of Ethics invited)
  • Sunday, October 27 – Annual Halloween event for children from 3:30 to 4:30 PM at the Point (18th and Shepherd)
  • Saturday, November 9th tree planting
  • Holiday Gathering, TBD, check with your block liaisons
  • December 24th at 6:00 PM Holiday Caroling


  • January – Meet and Greet for New Residents, TBD
  • Tuesday, February 18th – Winter CCA Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 20th - Spring CCA Meeting and elections and more – check the website or with your block liaisons
    – (We need more block liaisons and people willing to host events)

7. New home construction the topic of an ANC meeting

A new home construction permit was submitted to begin the construction of a new home on Mathewson Drive. The matter remains under review by the city.

8. Tree Planting is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in November

Casey Tree planting -- Nov. 9 -- The plan and hope is to plant these trees as living legacies to those who have passed away during the past year. It’s remembrance weekend. We anticipate dedicating a tree to Doug Ford tree, as an example. We welcome additional suggestions and remembrances.

9. PEPCO rate increase – should we oppose it?

At the next ANC meeting on November 5th, the ANC 4A is schedule to discuss the request of PEPCO for a rate increase. The ANC has opposed the rate increases in the past. This topic is likely to be raised at our October 15th CCA meeting, as well.

10. Community contacts – Whom to call for help?

  • 911 – for Police, Fire or ambulance emergencies
  • Call 311 or go online for the Mayor’s citywide Call Center for all city services, including missed trash, street light outages, to report blighted properties
  • 811 – before you dig – to locate gas lines
  • 202 442-STOP to report illegal construction or to get information for stop work orders
  • 800 677-1116 – Elder Care Locator
  • Your neighbors – see the Crestwood Directory and contact numbers on the back of it
  • 202 724-8052 – Council Member Bowser

11. What you may have missed if you are not on Tom’s Chused’s email list:

4th of July Kid's Parade and our end of summer Picnic.
Kudos to tje organizers for the both the 4th of July and Sunday After Labor Day Street Picnic.
All in the community were welcome to participate and it appeared that all enjoyed these events.

The Annual Elections Meeting created a new Council. The Association voted to change the format, so that instead of electing officers, we now have a council of about 35 individuals who were elected to carry out or lead certain tasks. Instead of bi-monthly meetings, we ill meet quarterly. Former Board President Gale Black co-chairs the Council, along with newly elected Tyrone Boyd of Webster St. (Gale also continues wearing her ANC commissioner hat). We also agreed to continue the block liaisons, who serve as the eyes and ears on each block. Residents are welcomed to attend the monthly ANC meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

To get on the list send an email to

12. More information – See the Neighborhood Plan and website

The revised Neighborhood Plan is on the Crestwood website. It identifies the policies that were voted as important to the community

Potentially unlawful rentals – We have noticed some positive changes along Upshur, Blagden Avenue and Buchanan Street, but we need to hear whether the problem persists. Let Gale Black know.

Is your street the next one for a cave-in? Noticed any cracks down the middle? If so, please call 311 and report them ASAP. The same goes for heaving or broken sidewalk pavement, along Upshur and elsewhere.

Keep current with community crimes, concerns, even lost canines by subscribing to the Crestwood listserve. Folow this link to that section of the Crestwood website. Enter your information in the third section of that page.
Thank you, to those who keep those communications coming and contribute to the listserve.

And visit our website for upcoming events, photos from past celebrations, and numerous resources including the Crestwood Handbook of helpful resources, neighborhood history and c rime stats.

Please welcome our new neighbors. Let us know who they are and send their contact information to They may not have joined the association and received their directory yet.

This website and the Crestwood Citizens Association is supported by the dues of CCA members. Membership has its benefits including access to members-only resources and the knowledge that you are supporting a great neighborhood!

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