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The Crest June 2012

Tue, June 13, 2017 8:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Crestwood Citizens Association Annual Fourth of July Parade!!
Wednesday, July 4, 2012

9:30 am - to decorate bikes, strollers, scooters and enjoy breakfast munchies

10:00 am - the Kid's parade will begin!

Location - Gather in front of 1810 Shepherd St. NW. We will enjoy muffins, bagels, coffee, and juice while the kids decorate their bikes, scooters, strollers, wagons, and anything else they want to bring!

Parade Route: The Parade will start at 1810 Shepherd Street heading east, then turn left onto 18th Street, left onto Taylor, left onto Argyle Terrace, left onto Randolph Street, left onto 18th Street, left onto Shepherd to finish at 1810 Shepherd.

Everyone in the community is welcome to walk or take a seat and cheer on the parade! Please spread the word to your neighbors!

If you are able to bring food or beverages, assist with bringing decorations, or distributing fliers for the parade, please contact Nicole Ruman Skinner

Late News

  • Residents in the 1800 block of Taylor: Watch for the notification for a homeowners education session to plan for the Fall tree planting
  • Hold the date: September 9 will be our annual Sunday-After-Labor Day Street Picnic - 5 PM
  • A reminder: all dogs must be on leash at all times - there was a dog bite episode and several attacks this week

Zoning Discussed at the Association’s Annual Meeting 

The main subject of the May 15, 2012, association meeting was the proposed changes to DC’s zoning regulations. The regulations govern lot size, lot use, parking, height, width of building, distances between structures, and, most importantly for Crestwood, whether the neighborhood retains its current residential restrictions and uses. For example, we have professionals such as doctors and architects, and a day care center but no commercial establishments open to the general public.

The current law recognizes Crestwood as a “Low Density Residential (R-1)” area, consisting of single family detached and semi-detached housing units with defined front, back, and side yard size. At the meeting there was much discussion about parking, the possibility of corner grocery stores and permitting Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Currently, each address is allowed by right: one dwelling unit and one ADU in the garage only for domestic employees; a minimum 8 foot side yard; maximum height of three stories or 40 feet. The proposed changes allow one ADU internally or in an accessory building; the current front setback requirement would be eased to be the same as the structure on the block closest to the street; and at least 30% surfaces pervious to rainwater, i.e., lawns and driveways paved with permeable materials.

We recognize the potential benefits of permitting authorized ADU’s under certain conditions. These ADU’s might provide additional sources of income that would allow residents to afford to stay in the community or meet health needs they may have. However, we also want to preserve the character, look and scale of the current neighborhood. Therefore, we recommend the following regulatory provisions:

  1. Allow one ADU within the existing structure, rather than in garages or carriage houses.
  2. Limit ADU’s to one per lot or street address.
  3. An ADU cannot change the appearance or size of the existing dwelling.
  4. Include a size limitation of 300 to 800 square feet.
  5. Maintain current setback and side yard requirements.
  6. ADU entrances must be on the side or rear.
  7. The owner must occupy either the primary dwelling or the ADU.
  8. The total number of people occupying the street address cannot exceed the number permitted in the primary structure by the city’s definition of a “family.” DC law permits six unrelated people to reside with a dwelling as a “family.”
  9. There can be no separate sale of the ADU.
  10. The number of housing units should not exceed the number of existing units plus the number of unbuilt lots.
  11. Permit the currently allowed occupational uses, which emphasize a limited number of people coming and going and forbid public access.
  12. Existing residential uses should not be affected by possible buffer requirements - there would have to be a 100 foot buffer zone left around the perimeter of environmentally sensitive areas. For example, the house on Mathewson may not have been able to be built if this were a requirement.

Turning to parking, we oppose the plan to reduce or eliminate parking minimums for the development of new residential units. This would increase the competition for street parking spaces, and the lack of parking availability near Metro stops, which limits Crestwood residents' ability to use the Metro. . Also, it is proposed to allow institutions, e.g. schools and churches, to increase their size by 10%, but it is not stated how often they could do that. Many neighborhoods in the area are already severely impacted by institutional parking.

The website of the DC Office of Planning Zoning Update is

Big Dead Tree is Gone

The neighborhood awoke June 15 to the sound of heavy equipment taking down the huge, diseased tree at Shepherd and 18th St. The Association has been urging the city to remove that safety hazard for a long time. Several other dangerous trees has been removed in recent months but the city is always too slow to do the work. Tree (and other) problems can be reported by calling 311 or submitting a request at

Crestwood Playgroup Formed

Kimberly Tignor has formed a new Crestwood playgroup for young children and parents. For infomation please email or call her at 240-277-5119.

New Contractor's Guide Available

Thanks to Dominique Taylor the Crestwood Contractor List has been updated from neighbors' comments on the listserve. Please post your positive and negative experiences with contractors on the list and with new ones. We plan to keep the list current going forward.

Crestwood Citizens Assocation Report

We're working for Crestwood! Here is a partial list of the Association events during the past year:

  • Meeting with Hon. Mayor Vincent C. Gray
  • Meeting with PEPCO and People's Counsel
  • Fun holiday party
  • Meeting on sustainable garden design
  • Weed warriors cleared invasive ivy at the Point
  • Tree planting in collaboration with Casey Trees resulted in the planting of more than 30 new trees this year
  • Meeting with Rock Creek Park Superindentent Tara Morrison
  • Easter Egg Hunt at the Point
  • Piney Branch cleanup
  • Meeting with DC Office of Planning on Zoning Regulation Update
  • Doggy bags at several places in the neighborhood
  • Held our six regular bi-monthly meetings and the annual elections, as required by the Association bylaws

The following projects are being worked on:

  • Continuing cleanup around the Point and behind Trumbull
  • Landscaping at selected intersections
  • Garden Tour (edible gardens, water featured gardens and native plants)
  • Street safety and speeding cars

Crime Log: Thefts from Auto Our Biggest Problem

Only three crimes were reported or documented in May in Crestwood.

In Police Service Area 404 as a whole, 41 crimes were reported or documented in May.

The Fourth District is led by Commander Kimberly Chisley-Missouri ((202) 715-7500, PSA 404 is led by Lieutenant Michael Whiteside (202-730-0601

From May 1 through May 31, 2012

Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
Assault 1
Burglary 6 3
Robbery 5 1
Stolen Auto 6 3 1 1
Theft 6
Theft from Auto 17 4 2 2
Total 41* 1 3 1 2

* Data include 2 crimes in April (not in Crestwood), and exclude 2 in earlier months (not in Crestwood), that were not previously reported by MPD.

Crestwood Crimes By Block:

Thefts from Auto (2):

3900 16th Street (Sun, 5/13, 6:00pm)
4800 16th Street (Sun, 5/6, 4:00am)

Stolen Auto (1):

1600 Decatur St (Mon, 5/28, 6:30pm)

Crestwood & Area Trends:

-- In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 3 crimes were reported in May, down from a total of 4 in April.

-- Also in Crestwood, 2 Thefts from Auto were reported in May (as in April), and it has been our most frequent crime for 4 successive months.

-- Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 11 crimes were reported in May, up from 9 in each of the 3 prior months. Four crimes were on or near 14th Street (the same as in April).

-- In PSA 404, 41 crimes were reported in May, up from 33 in April. There were 6 Burglaries (vs. none), and Thefts from Auto nearly doubled (up from 9). Other crime categories had smaller changes.

Boundary Changes: The boundaries of PSA 404 changed 1/1/2012. Crestwood remains its westernmost area. However, PSA 404 is now smaller in area, and the 4th District has more PSAs.

The 4A08 File: Report from the Crestwood ANC

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Black (who also serves as President of the Association) is our single member district representative. This year, the ANC 4A08:

  • Paid for the renovation of the Crestwood signs at the bottom of Mathewson Drive
  • Testified on redistricting and uniting Census Tract 26
  • Commented on tax on interest on out of district municipal bonds
  • Facilitated repairs to 17th and Taylor
  • Helped get permit approvals for new home on Mathewson and renovations on 18th Street and license renewal for the Amazing Life Games to continue serving as a licensed day care center.
  • Klingle Road - ANC 4A opposes plan to convert this public street to a trial without motorists. This matter is now in litigation by a suit brought by five pro se individuals from Wards 3 and Ward 4.
  • Worked to add John Eaton to the in-boundary options for elementary schools (none of the current options would be removed. We are zoned for Deal Junior High School and Wilson High School and Easton is a feeder to those schools)

About your Association

The officers of the Crestwood Citizens Association for 2012-2013 are:

President Gale Barron Black
Vice President – CCA David Swerdloff
Vice President – Green Team Doug Barker
Vice Presidents – Social George & Deb Chaconas
Secretary Kathy Frank
Treasurer Ellen Wormser
Communications & Website Tom Chused
Kids Team Nicole Skinner
Safety and Police John Ostenso
Issues Gale Black

This executive committee is also supported by a network of block contacts in Crestwood, who work on projects like neighborhood beautification, crime reduction, transportation issues, and community building through a strong neigbhor network. They are listed below:

16th Street Viola Keyes
Loretta Haynes
San Luisa Barnes-Mosaid
17th Street Doug Ford
Roger Kranenburg
18th Street Lois Dyer
Jeff Steele
Ann Sheridan
Argyle Terrace Patricia Vaughn-Cooke
Shirley Calhoun
Eric Waters
Lindamarie Koengeter Spaulding
Blagden Avenue Andre Banks
Blagden Terrace Ms. Harvey
Leah Skrine
John Seibert
Crestwood Drive Gale Bentley
Carla Brenner
Mathewson Drive Fred Bosco
Quincy Street Doug Barker
George Chaconas
Susan Butler
Randolph Street Tom Chused
Dianne Tyrance-Neal
Shepherd Street Marsha Francis
Nicole Skinner
Jackie Jackson
Kathy Frank
Carla Koeffler
Taylor Street Carol Browning
John Fegan
Jeff Hildebrand
Trumbull Terrace David Swerdloff
Upshur Street Karen Leonard
Andrea Oakes
Ellen Wormser
Varnum Street Beverly Ostenso
Webster Street Ed Darden
Rev. Child
Allison Street Elizabeth Crothers
Marcia Howard
Colorado Avenue Barbara Little
Crittenden Bernard Fulton

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