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The Crest Spring 2014

Tue, June 13, 2017 9:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Newsletter of the Crestwood Citizens Association              May, 2014

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Deputy Mayor Abigail Smith to Appear at May Meeting

Association Focused on By-Right School Assignments

Wed. May 21, 7pm , Grace Lutheran Church, 16th & Varnum

    Deputy Mayor for Education Abigail Smith has confirmed she will be attending the annual meeting of the Crestwood Citizens Association, Wednesday May 21st at 7 pm at Grace Lutheran Church, 16th & Varnum Streets NW.
    Deputy Mayor Smith is leading the city’s effort to formulate a new policy governing how students are assigned to DC Public Schools. She will explain the Student Assignment and School Boundaries Review Process, and hear the concerns of the neighborhood.
    In advance of the meeting, the Association has submitted to Ms. Smith’s committee a letter [see below in The Crest] that details what we believe must be incorporated into a credible boundary and feeder plan. The Association letter is built around these principles:
    ✔ Predictable, by-right school assignments at every level
    ✔ Elementary school boundaries that assign all of Crestwood to Powell
    ✔ Continued inbound right to attend Deal Middle School and Wilson High School until equal or better alternatives are available
    ✔ Development of a high-quality middle school in Ward 4
    ✔ Revitalization of Roosevelt High School
    The letter makes clear that no reassignment of Crestwood students should take place until the alternatives match the curriculum and program offerings at Deal and Wilson. The Association would like to work with Deputy Mayor Smith and neighborhood groups throughout the city to advance these goals.

    Members will also elect officers for the coming year. The Association is looking for a fresh group of neighbors to come forward as new leaders. Let the Board know of your interest to serve as President (or Co-President), Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer… as Captain or Co-Captain of one of our Teams (Green, Social, Kids, Communications, Public Safety, Issues) or as liaison with Aging-In-Place initiatives such as the East Rock Creek Village. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.
    The meeting will hear about the latest plans for tree plantings and the upcoming anniversary of Rock Creek Park. And please look over the Crestwood Neighborhood Plan; the Association would like to update this document, which informs the Mayor and Council members exactly what our priorities are. (See

Why become active in the Crestwood Citizens Association? Your participation will help us:
  • Stand up for Crestwood schoolchildren by speaking with one voice on DC Schools Assignment issues
  • Insist on performance standards that must be met by DC Water in its plan to control the combined sewer overflow so that Rock Creek and Piney Branch are protected
  • Have Broad Branch Road rebuilt as soon as possible and repair deteriorating Crestwood streets
  • Maintain our network of families connected through the Association’s Kids Team, which also plans the annual Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade and Halloween Party
  • Continue to document and enhance the neighborhood’s tree canopy through the Crestwood Tree Project, organized by the Association’s Green Team in partnership with Casey Trees
  • Enhance the community list-serve and Association email network so that neighbors have quick access to the latest developments in crime, zoning, transportation and taxation
  • Update the Crestwood Directory
  • Support local Aging-In-Place initiatives
  • Follow up our successful effort to unite Crestwood into a single ANC district by also making the neighborhood a single voting precinct with a polling place within Crestwood

Come to the meeting May 21!

Association Letter on School Assignment Policy

The Crestwood Citizens Association has sent a letter to the committee that will be recommending new DCPS policy on school assignments and boundaries. The Association emphasized that school boundaries and feeder patterns are extremely important to the residents of Crestwood—and listed the principles printed on page one of The Crest. Here are excerpts of the discussion that followed:
    The Crestwood Citizens Association supports predictable, by-right school assignments at every level. Options for residents to choose alternative DCPS schools should be in addition to predictable assigned schools, not a replacement. Any solution that leaves DCPS school selection to a lottery is unacceptable.The Crestwood Citizens Association supports predictable, by-right school assignments at every level. Options for residents to choose alternative DCPS schools should be in addition to predictable assigned schools, not a replacement. Any solution that leaves DCPS school selection to a lottery is unacceptable.
    The Association supports uniting the entire neighborhood— bordered on three sides by Rock Creek Park and 16th Street in the East—within a single elementary school boundary. The Association has found a strong preference among Crestwood residents to be assigned to Powell Elementary School rather than West Education Campus. Powell has made significant outreach to Crestwood and Crestwood residents either attend Powell currently or have plans to do so. As such, the neighborhood has ties to Powell that do not exist with West.
    The Association strongly opposes any student assignment policy that results in residents being assigned to a school that is not equal or better quality than current schools. Two of the preliminary proposals suggested by the Deputy Mayor for Education would reassign Crestwood from Alice Deal Middle School to small education campuses. The third assigns the neighborhood to a non-existent middle school. Similarly, Crestwood is reassigned from Wilson High School to either Roosevelt High School or subject to a city-wide lottery. The Association will only support proposals that establish predictable, by-right schools at every level and will not support solutions requiring unpredictable lotteries. Roosevelt High School is currently undergoing renovation and shows signs of making academic progress. However, it is currently not an acceptable alternative to Wilson.
    Crestwood residents and the Crestwood Citizens Association are aware of the overcrowding problems affecting Deal and Wilson. We would welcome high-quality middle and high schools in close geographic proximity to the neighborhood. Currently, such options do not exist, but we would enthusiastically join a process to develop such schools. We understand the importance of strong feeder relationships and see the linkage of high-performing elementary, middle, and high schools as being essential to the success of all three. A high-quality middle school would contribute to Powell's ability to retain students and would feed prepared, high-achieving students to Roosevelt. Roosevelt's curriculum and program offerings could be strengthened to provide a challenging and fulfilling environment for students feeding from the new middle school. While it may take several years, schools that rival Deal and Wilson could be developed. At such time, Crestwood residents would welcome the opportunity to attend such schools.
    While Crestwood residents and the Association encourage the development of high quality education options close to the neighborhood, we recognize that this will be a multi-year effort. During the transition, it is of the utmost importance that Crestwood retain its traditional rights to attend Deal and Wilson. Reassigning residents from Deal and Wilson to options that are not better or equal will result in residents severing ties with DCPS. This could be by switching to private schools or public charter schools or even moving from Crestwood to Maryland or Virginia. Residents simply will not take chances with the education of their children.
    Therefore, the Crestwood Citizens Association calls upon the Deputy Mayor to move forward with plans to unite the entire neighborhood within a single elementary school boundary assigned to Powell Elementary School, to continue inbound rights for Crestwood residents to attend Alice Deal Middle School and Wilson High School, to pursue the development of a high-quality middle school in Ward 4, and the revitalization of Roosevelt High School into a high-quality alternative to Wilson High School.

NOTE: School assignment/boundary policy will also be the main topic at the meeting of ANC 4A Tuesday, June 3rd, 7 pm at Ft. Stevens Rec. Center, 1327 Van Buren St. NW

Crestwood Crime Log

    Eight crimes were reported in Crestwood by the Metropolitan Police in April, up from six in March. The six-month average is 7.7; the 12-month average, 7.8. The largest increase was in Thefts, which rose from none in March to four in April.
    In the area marked as Near Crestwood (the part of Police Service Area 404 from 14th Street west to 16th Street), the eight crimes reported in April represented a drop from 12 in March. In PSA 404 as a whole, 48 crimes were reported in April, up from 40 in March. Thefts from Auto jumped to 20 (from 14 in March). Robberies increased to five (from one the previous month). Thefts remained high.
Crestwood Crimes by Block (April)
Thefts (4):
        1700 Crestwood Dr (Wed, 4/9, 1:30 pm)
        4900 16th St (Wed, 4/9, 9:45 pm)
        4400 17th St (Fri, 4/4, 12:00 am)
        4100 18th St (Sun, 4/20, 12:00 pm)
Theft from Auto (2):
        1700 Taylor St (Sat, 4/19, 10:30 pm)
        4100 17th St (Sun, 4/20, 4:03 am)
Stolen Auto (1):
        4300 16th St (Fri, 4/25, 12:10 pm)
Burglary (1):
        4600 Argyle Ter (Sun, 4/13, 2:00 pm)
Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
Assault 1
Burglary 4 2 2 2
Robbery 5 2
Stolen Auto 2 1 1 1
Theft 17 4 4 2 3
Theft from Auto 20 1 2 2
April Total 57 14 9 5 4
Jan 2014 42 7 8
February 2014 57 14 9
March 2014 40 12 6
Month PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood
Jan 37 14 5
Feb 41 7 4
Mar 28 10 4
Apr 45 12 9
May 67 15 4
Jun3 57 7 4
July 49 8 7
Aug 74 23 8
Sep 79 12 15
Oct 61 14 9
Nov 61 14 8
Dec 52 13 7
Totals 651 149 84

Crestwood Fourth of July Parade

Mark your calendars for the annual Fourth of July Parade, organized by the Association’s Kids Team. Children and adults gather at 9:30 a.m. July 4th on the 1800 block of Shepherd Street to mingle and decorate bikes, strollers and such, and then parade through the neighborhood. (The photo above shows part of the 2011 parade.) If you can help out this year, please contact Nicole Ruman Skinner, 1810 Shepherd Street.

Tree Project into 8th Year

    The Association’s Tree Team is in the planning stages of its annual fall community tree planting—and they are looking for your help.
    The Tree Team, led by Doug Barker and Frank Samuel of the Association’s Green Team, is working little by little through the neighborhood—planting new trees to keep Crestwood green. The project is a partnership with Casey Trees, a non-profit dedicated to restoring DC’s tree canopy. We are starting our eighth year of working together, having already planted more than 200 trees—all donated by Casey Trees, and all native species selected for their beauty and their ability to thrive in our challenging climate.
    What we need for the autumn planting is interest from neighbors who could serve as block captains and organize their blocks. The Tree Team will select one to three blocks to focus on. Residents on those blocks will then get expert guidance on getting the right tree(s) in locations in their yards that could benefit.

History Book Raises Funds
First Printing Nearly Sold Out

    Crestwood: 300 Acres, 300 Years, the book published last year as a fund-raiser for the Crestwood Citizens Association, has already sold 180 copies, earning more than $2,600 for the neighborhood.
    The 130-page book tells the history of our community, with more than 200 photographs, maps, drawings, documents and news articles.
    You can still purchase copies from the first printing—and the entire $20 will go to the Association. Email the author at to order a copy. Or purchase on-line through Politics and Prose ( orAmazon.
    Talks dealing with Crestwood history are tentatively scheduled for June (in cooperation with the Alliance To Preserve the Civil War Defenses of Washington) and later this summer (in cooperation with Friends of Peirce Mill).
    The book has been supported by a DC Community Heritage Project grant through a partnership of the Humanities Council of Washington, DC and the DC Historic Preservation Office.

In appreciation:

    The Association thanks Jeff Steele, Carrie Cohen, Amanda Pezalla and the other neighbors who have been leading Crestwood’s efforts on the DCPS school assignment issue. Thanks to George Chaconas for beautifying the area around the Crestwood signs at the foot of Mathewson Drive and installing and looking after the benches at The Point at 18th and Shepherd Streets.
    Thanks most of all to the Association’s long-serving President, Gale Barron Black, for providing the hard work, leadership and spark that have united and improved Crestwood in so many ways.     

Gale writes:
“Thank you for allowing me to serve the Association. It has been my honor; and many thanks go to those who have carried the Association to this point. It is now time to pass the baton. Nominations from Association members will be taken from the floor at the annual meeting on May 21st. Please stay involved.”

16th Street Construction

    With the Kalmia bridge project wrapping up, DDOT is moving on to work on the bridge that takes 16th Street over Military Road.
    That construction will reduce 16th Street to one lane in each direction. There also may be times on weekends when 16th Street and/or the ramps to Military and Missouri are completely closed.
    Bids for the new bridge project are due on May 21st. DDOT says the contract will be completed in July “barring any difficulties.” The neighborhood should prepare for at least two months of delays.

New DC Driver’s Licenses

    No, you don’t have to rush to the DMV to get a new license. City officials have reversed themselves over the issue of new licenses that conform to the federal REAL ID law.
    Your old license will remain a valid driver’s license until it expires. But there are two important points to remember.
    First, a REAL ID will eventually be required for boarding airplanes—in 2016 at the earliest—and to enter some federal facilities beginning in 2015. That means you may have to get the new driver’s license earlier or count on using a US Passport or other ID.
    Second, when you do renew your DC license, you will have to appear in person and bring with you more documentation than previously required. You will have to bring:

  • Your current driver’s license;
  • Proof of identity (such as a birth certificate or unexpired passport);
  • Proof of your social security number (such as a signed Social Security card or a pay statement, W-2 or 1099 with your full name and full SSN); and
  • Two documents showing your full address (such as utility bills, deed, lease, property tax bill or recent bank statement).

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