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The Crest February 2011

Tue, June 13, 2017 5:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Crestwood Citizens Association Shepherds (and Taylors, Upshurs, Varnums) the Environment 

    Green issues dominated the January Association meeting.
    Along with an update on the Crestwood Tree Project, we heard from the President of the Mt. Pleasant Solar Co-op and learned the facts about recycling.
    Our Precious Tree Canopy
    The Association is pushing forward in its ten-year project to inventory all of Crestwood's trees and plant new ones to restore and enhance the neighborhood's tree canopy. For those of you in the blocks already inventoried and planted, please remember to water the new trees--the first two years are critical for fresh plantings. Tree bags are available. For those of you who would like to get your blocks on the schedule, please talk to your neighbors and contact Project Coordinators Doug Barker and Frank Samuel. Many thanks to the neighborhood volunteers and our partners at Casey Trees.
    The Association's Green Team is already planning for our next park cleanup on April 9th--so mark your calendars.
    Russell Klein from the DC Department of Public Works addressed the meeting and cleared up some misconceptions about recycling. Mr. Klein, Community Environmental Education Specialist from the DPW Office of Recycling, assured us that recyclables are, indeed, picked up separately from the trash. The trash and recycling trucks may look the same in order to hold down costs, he explained. But the recyclables are taken for sorting either to Capitol Heights or Elkridge, MD.
    We learned that what is recyclable in one jurisdiction may not be recyclable in another. For example, DC homeowners cannot recycle those plastic containers used for blueberries, strawberries and take-out lunches. Other no-nos include Styrofoam meat trays and foam packaging (including packing peanuts).* Compact fluorescent bulbs need to be recycled with your hazardous waste. Although the schedule used to be more frequent, hazardous waste will be accepted only the first Saturday of each month at the Fort Totten Transfer Station from 8 am to 3 pm. Those days you can also bring documents for shredding and e-cycle computers and other electronics. Mr. Klein also recommended as a good program for the re-use of your unwanted shoes and other items.
    Solar Co-Ops
    Anya Schoolman, President of the Mt. Pleasant Solar Co-op, explained how DC now has a dozen solar co-ops--and they have been responsible for 70 solar installations. She had good news and bad news. On the one hand, the number of companies who can provide solar panels has increased to as many as 12 or 15. However, government rebates and grants have been eliminated or cut back--so we cannot take advantage of the significant financial assistance that has been available in the past.
    Because we are a tree-shaded community, Ms. Schoolman told us that solar hot water might be a better choice for many Crestwood homes. But she also encouraged us to support her push for what is called "virtual net metering." Under such a program, instead of installing solar panels on our individual homes, we would band together and install panels on a school, church or other building that receives ample sunlight. Then we would be able to get credits on our individual power bills from the electricity generated by the panels. Ms. Schoolman encouraged us to get behind the effort to legalize such arrangements by supporting a Community Solar Gardens Bill before the City Council.
    To get on her organizations email list, write to

    Our Next Meeting
    Mark your calendars for our next Association meeting, April 19th at 1950 Upshur Street. The prospective topic is Aging-In-Place. We may also investigate a cooperative effort to collectively de-clutter our homes.
    The annual election meeting comes Tuesday, May 17th at Grace Lutheran Church. If you are interested in a leadership role in the community--or can recommend a neighbor--nominations will be taken in March for positions as officers and board members. We'll have more details on the agenda and our special guests.
    The Association hopes you have noticed some of the new amenities around the neighborhood. The doggie bag stations were funded by ANC 4A. The National Park Service delivered the picnic tables that are now available at the Point at 18th and Shepherd--and the Association purchased benches. As the warmer weather approaches, take advantage of them!
    Bird lovers are also noting the number of species spotted recently in Crestwood--and are asking you to make your yard a bird-friendly habitat. Among the birds noted by one careful observer: downy woodpecker, northern cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, nuthatch, house sparrow, blue jay, northern mockingbird and mourning dove.

    *Here is a list of recyclable materials from the DPW reference guide: aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans, aluminum food and beverage containers, books, brown paper bags, cardboard and paperboard boxes (including cereal boxes without liners), computer printouts, corrugated cardboard boxes, ferrous and bimetal food and beverage containers, glass containers such as jars and bottles, junk mail, magazines and catalogs, milk and juice cartons, narrow-neck plastic containers (other than for motor oil) with ID codes 1 through 7, newspapers (including all inserts), non-metallic wrapping paper, officer paper and envelopes, plastic bags (including grocery bags, newspaper bags and shopping bags--please but plastic bags into one bag...or else recycle any of them in the receptacles at grocery stores), rigid plastics including milk crates, buckets (even with metal handles), laundry baskets, lawn furniture, totes, coolers, flower pots, drinking cups, water bottles, pallets, toys and empty garbage/recycling bins, telephone books, wide-mouth containers such as those for peanut butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, whipped topping, over-the-counter and prescription medicine bottles (remove the ID labels from prescription bottles). More details are available at

ANC Takes Up Walmart, Klingle & Other Issues

    With Walmart planning to open stores at four locations in the District, ANC 4A gave neighborhood residents an opportunity to hear about the proposed Walmart at Georgia and Missouri Avenues. At the February 15th meeting, residents and ANC Commissioners asked a representative from Walmart a series of questions touching on subjects ranging from traffic concerns to the next steps in the process to the company's plans to benefit the community.
    The proposed store would cover some 100,000 square feet, which is about half the size of many suburban Walmarts. About 40% of the space would be reserved for groceries. The ANC may consider the matter again after the city's Large Tract Review is released. However, commissioners note that ANC approval is not required for the project because the area is already zoned for this type of commercial enterprise.
    Klingle Road
    Also at the February 15 meeting, the ANC voted to send a resolution to the Mayor and City Council on the issue of Klingle Road. The resolution supports keeping Klingle available for its historic use as a public road for the benefit of all of DC. The city continues to try to convert this bypass to Connecticut Avenue into a recreational trail.
    The city is pursuing this effort, even after officials acknowledged in a January release that the right of way is a "street" that was never officially (legally) closed. The city also recognized that the right of way is still "necessary" and that it intends to maintain it. Klingle Road is recognized in the DC code and comprehensive plan as a public "street" that connects directly to ANC 4A08 and is a link to Wards 1, 3 and 4. The ANC resolution urges the city to maintain this public resource and let us use it.
    DC officials have acknowledged that, should the street be converted into a recreational trail, the city will lose federal transportation dollars that are only available if the thoroughfare is maintained for public transportation purposes. The city could even lose the right of way, since the land for Klingle Road was given to DC for use as a public road.
    Other issues
    ANC 4A voted to approve the request of new neighbor for a public space permit to begin the construction of a new home on Mathewson Drive. The project was first raised at the January meeting. The ANC heard no opposition to the request when follow-up was held at the February 15 meeting.
    The ANC also voted to inform the DC Council that it objects to the city's plan to discontinue providing a copy of the DC Register. Commissioners noted that the ANC relies on getting the DC Register--and that the DC Code requires due notice. In the ANC's opinion, posting on-line is not sufficient to track all of the hearings, proposed changes in the law and proposed zoning changes.
    Turning to the schools, Commissioners identified gaining access to quality public elementary education as a high priority. Some of our residents already send their children to Eaton. ANC 4A is urging an official boundary change to make it easier for access for other families to attend Eaton, Murch or Lafayette, as within-boundary schools.
    Redistricting is also on the ANC agenda, as Commissioner look ahead to new census information and changes in zoning.
    ANC 4A meets regularly on the 1st Tuesday of each month. The March 1st meeting will be at Fort Stevens Recreation Center. The April 5th meeting will be at Grace Lutheran Church.
    The Police hold a monthly community meeting for Police Service Area 404 on the 4th Thursday at 7 PM at 801 Shepherd Street, NW.

Crestwood Crime Report

Here is the most recent information on crime in our neighborhood.

From January 1 through January 31, 2011

Offense Total PSA404 Near Crestwood In Crestwood In Crestwood Mon - Thu In Crestwood Fri - Sun
Assault 3 1
Burglary 5 1
Homicide 1
Robbery 14
Stolen Auto 10 1 2 2
Theft 11 2 1 1
Theft from Auto 19 2 3 2 1
Sex abuse 1 1
Total 64* 8 6* 2 4

* Data include 2 crimes in December (none were in Crestwood) that MPD had not previously reported. See also the Data Note below.

Crestwood Crimes By Block:

Thefts from Auto (3):

4800 Blagden Av (Thu, 1/6, 11:00 pm)
4000 16th Street (Tue, 1/4, 6:30 pm)
4300 17th Street (Fri, 1/21, 12:00 pm)

Stolen Autos (2):

4400 16th Street (Sun, 1/2, 4:00 pm)

Theft (1):

1900 Shepherd St (Sat, 1/8, 5:30 am)

Data Note – MPD now reports only “index” (i.e., major) crimes for January and future months. Crimes previously reported as “Other” now include only Sex Abuse and Arson. For Crestwood, this means primarily that Property Destruction and Property Damage are not reported.

Crestwood & Area Trends:

-- In Crestwood (16th St. & west), 6 crimes were reported in January, up from 4 from December. Five were auto-related.

-- Also in Crestwood, all 6 crimes reported in January were “index” (i.e., major) crimes; last month, all 4 crimes reported were “non-index” (i.e., minor) crimes.

-- Near Crestwood (PSA 404, 14th St. & west to 16th St.), 8 crimes were reported in January, down from (a comparable) 12 in December (4 were on/near 14th Street).

-- In PSA 404, 64 crimes were reported in January, up from (a comparable) 60 in December. The largest increase was in robberies (up 6, to 14), and the largest decrease was in assaults (down 12, to 3).

New Rock Creek Paths & Leadership 

    Rock Creek Park is rehabilitating its major trails in our area--and residents are encouraged to participate in the process. The proposed project would include the main multi-use trail along Beach Drive from Broad Branch Road to P Street--as well as the trail along Piney Branch Parkway from Beach Drive to Arkansas Avenue.
    The project involves the National Park Service, the Federal Highway Administration and the DC Department of Transportation.
    While it's too late to be a part of the informational meeting February 23 at the National Zoo, you can provide your written comments through the end of February at or by mail to Austina Casey, District Department of Transportation, Planning, Policy, and Sustainability Administration, 2000 14th Street NW, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20009.

Census Bureau Takes a Snapshot of Crestwood

    What does the population of Crestwood look like? Here is a snapshot, released at the end of last year by the U.S. Census Bureau. These are not figures from the 2010 door-to-door head count, which will be more accurate. They are based on the Bureau's American Community Survey, which sampled neighborhoods across America from the beginning of 2005 through the end of 2009. Because they rely on sampling, they are subject to a margin of error and should be considered estimates.
    The figures below are for Census Tract 26, whose boundaries mirror those of greater Crestwood --including homes from 16th Street to the Park and from Colorado Avenue to the streets overlooking Piney Branch.
    In addition to the survey figures available at, you can access a searchable map of the entire country courtesy of the New York Times at

Crestwood Population
  Estimated Total: 2,348
  43% Black
  43% White
  6% Hispanic
  3% Asian
  5% Other
  Percentage foreign-born: 13% (no change since 2000)

  Estimated number: 971 (making for an average household size of 2.4 people)
  Income distribution:
  under $30,000   13%
  $30,000-$49,999   6%
  $50,000-$74,999   8%
  $75,000-$99,999   11%
  $100,000-$149,999   20%
  $150,000-$199,999   10%
  $200,000 and above   32%
  Median household income: $140,938 (up 28% since 2000)
  Percentage of households that include same-sex couples: 4%

  Median home value: $842,200 (up 76% since 2000)
  Median monthly rent: $1,026 (up 10% since 2000)
  Percentage of households in which mortgages consume at least 30% of income:
  27% (up 3 percentage points since 2000)

  Estimated population at least 25 years old: 1,783. Of these:
  High school graduates  98%
  Bachelors degree or higher  68%
  Masters degree or higher  38%
  Estimated population of elementary school students: 232. Of these:
  Percentage in private schools: 53%

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