Carter Barron Stormwater Retrofit Project Public Meeting

  • Thu, January 11, 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Rock Creek Tennis Center, 4850 Colorado Ave NW, Suite 25

The goal of the Carter Barron Stormwater Retrofit Project is to retrofit an 11-acre site with green infrastructure to restore natural hydrology, prevent flooding and erosion, and protect habitat.

The thirty (30)-acre Project Area is located in northern Washington, D.C. adjacent to the 16th Street Heights neighborhood. The Rock Creek Park Tennis Center sits at the headwaters of the Blagden Run watershed, a subwatershed of Rock Creek.

The Project Area has been identified as a priority restoration area by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service and DOEE. During rain events, stormwater swiftly leaves the Project Area from five outfalls and erodes the headwater spring areas, lowers the groundwater table, and compromises habitat.

Four distinct gullies have been created by stormwater from outfalls draining the Project Area. Stormwater also leaves the Project Area through overland flow and a storm sewer that drains directly to Blagden Run.

The targeted eleven (11)-acre impervious area has no stormwater controls because it was developed prior to the promulgation of the District's stormwater regulations.

The goal of the Project is to fully retrofit the targeted eleven (11)-acre impervious area with green infrastructure to restore natural hydrology, prevent erosion, reduce stormwater pollution and protect natural habitat.

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