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Sat, August 05, 2017 11:34 AM | Anonymous

ANC Single Member District 4A08 (Crestwood)
Summer 2017 Update

Welcome to our many new neighbors who recently moved here and to our new births!

As we gather together, we pause to give thanks for living in this wonderful community.  We may not be able to save the world, but we can brighten our little corner of it. We are all in this together. 

 - Commissioner Black, ANC SMD 4A08

Summer Greetings from SMD 4A08!

Mark Your Calendars!
Annual Crestwood Sunday After Labor Day Annual Picnic

3920 Argyle Street NW - 4pm

Crestwood Citizens Association/SMD 4A08 Meeting
Tuesday, September 19th – 7pm
1761 Crestwood Drive NW

Details to Follow

The 4A08 File: 
Report from the Crestwood ANC Advisory Neighborhood Commission
Single-Member District, 4A08

ANC 4A meets on the first Tuesday of every month from September to June.  SMD 4A08 meets four times a year in conjunction with the Crestwood Citizens Association. The meetings are held in September, January,  March and May. 

The Commissioner for Crestwood (4A08), Commissioner Black, reports that these are among the issues she has been following for the neighborhood:
  1. Changes to the DC Zoning Comprehensive Plan and regulations. The city made changes to the use of residential housing to permit rentals (accessory dwellings), eliminate parking, change the building height and density requirements in some areas, allow grocery stores and change the rules for at home businesses. ANC 4A questioned why some of these changes are necessary and what the impact will be on residents in single-family, primarily residential areas, like ours, which is zoned R-1 and R-2. The ANC passed a resolution. Commissioner Black participated at the meetings before the Office of Planning.
  2. New house construction like the ones added to Mathewson Drive and on Trumbull.
  3. The “doggy poop” signs and bags were also financed through ANC 4A for the benefit of the 4A08 area. The ANC also pushed for the repairs to the water-overflow at 17th and Taylor Streets, NW.
  4. We provided comments on the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.
  5. We are looking to revise our neighborhood plan which is on the website.
  6. We are trying to identify locations for a tot lot in Crestwood.  Ownership of the parcel near the Triangle is uncertain. Nothing new.
  7. We agreed that for safety reasons, there should be a pedestrian path on Blagden and on Mathewson.  The location and design is still being considered.  The city is supposed to provide us with revised plans for our comments. This matter will be addressed by the ANC SMD 4A.  We worked with the city in its plans and operation of the annual Tennis Tournament, July 29 to August 4th.
  8. We are trying to get more information regarding DC Water’s discharging of water at the corner of Shepherd and Argyle around 9:30 AM each day.
  9. We are trying to work with neighbors to assist them in fighting foreclosures and tax sales and letting neighbors know how they can challenge their real estate assessments.
  10. We continued to urge the city to address the dangerous dead city trees and overhanging branches on a number of our Crestwood streets.  We had the DC Arborist attend one of our meetings.
  11. Grace Church.  The Church sought and was granted historic designation.
  12.  We try to raise awareness about invasive plants and animals.  We also try to raise awareness about avoiding scams. Beware of folks selling items or contracts door-to-door. Ask for their DC license number. Don’t agree to add on fees, like a $150 cancellation fee.  Be very careful in giving out your email or personal information.  This is often used as a phishing or marketing tool. 

SMD 4A08's Accomplishments and Future Work

Ironically, one year when the Crestwood Citizens Association Board held its November meeting, it met in candlelight – because the lights went out at 5:07 PM and stayed out for 2 hours. PEPCO has improved, after the neighborhood complained - that's the power of civic involvement.  

Some other areas of focus for SMD 4A08: 
  • PEPCO reliability and crime deterrence remain priorities.
  • Street repairs and park access are also important.
  • Accessory dwellings, zoning, AirBNB issues.
  • We are working on making sure restoration of the entire road network within Rock Creek Park is done sooner rather than later and remains available for our use.  The city is still studying alternatives uses which might delay or stop the needed water remediation and repairs or change the configuration away from being a two-lane road for cars.  We are concerned that the city is wasting time and money studying “alternatives” that are not feasible or beneficial for Broad Branch. 
  • We are concerned that the city did not accept our recommended approach with the repair of Beach Drive – which might mean that we will be land-locked when the repairs continue, depriving us of access via Blagden Avenue to Beach Drive.
Friendly reminders: Please do not leave valuables in your car. Please keep the noise down, restrain your dogs and, if you must use leaf blowers, look for quieter models.


AUGUST 12, 2017  –

10AM - 4PM


Nineteenth Street Baptist Church, 4606 16th Street, NW. invites the neighborhood for games and activities for ALL ages.  

There will be a bazaar, games, bake sale, face painting, food, music, ponies and free health screenings.

And it’s free!


Monthly crime statistics are posted on Crestwood remains within PSA 404.

PSA 404 is led by the Fourth District Commander Wil Manlapaz and Captain Juanita Mitchell.

The PSA Lieutenant is Frank Martello

The latest monthly crime statistics can be found here.

List of Priorities:

1. Quality School Access

2. Broad Branch restoration

3. Beach Drive Access

4. Blagden Avenue and Mathewson sidewalks

5. Water Quality / Environmental Justice issues. 

This website and the Crestwood Citizens Association is supported by the dues of CCA members. Membership has its benefits including access to members-only resources and the knowledge that you are supporting a great neighborhood!

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