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Update on Beach Drive Phase II Construction

Tue, June 27, 2017 9:09 PM | Anonymous

We have just received a letter from DDOT regarding ANC 4A's Resolution and request that Phase II of the Beach Drive construction project be split into two segments to allow Crestwood residents continued access west of Rock Creek Park via Blagden Avenue.  

DDOT has indicated that they will not be following the ANC's recommendation, and that Blagden Avenue will end in a dead end during Phase II, as was originally publicly stated. 

As you can see in the letter, DDOT cites safety concerns as well as constructability and timing concerns as reasons for its decision. DDOT states that the work, if done in one segment, is expected to take approximately four months, as compared to an estimated eight months if Phase II was split into two segments as the ANC recommended. 

DDOT states in its letter that it will attempt to reduce the impact of the closure to residents using detours. 

The latest word from DDOT is that the work is expected to begin this summer.  We will communicate if and when we get additional information on the timeline. 

Commissioner Black and the CCA are evaluating the letter and what, if any, response will be made to DDOT.  Please email president@crestwooddc.orgwith any comments or concerns. 

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