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May 2019 UPDATE

For purposes of accountability and tracking, here is our tickler list of the issues and / or concerns for Crestwood, ANC SMD 4A08:

  • Crime, break-ins, thefts from cars and thefts of packages from porches;
  • PEPCO power outages - FIXED 
  • Sink Hole across from 1755 Crestwood Drive in Rock Creek Park - FIXED; 
  • Transportation Options for the installation of the Blagden Avenue sidewalk – still awaiting the revised DDOT Notice of Intent; 
  • Notice of Intent regarding traffic safety installation at 16th and Buchanan; 
  • Hazardous road conditions and overdue repairs for Broad Branch Road; 
  • Storm water run-off & Street repairs and potholes; (New cracks forming in streets and alleys) 
  • Request for closing of alley access near 18th and Allison Street – due to safety concerns and our request for a camera, if feasible; 
  • Carter Barron storm water issues and restoration issues; 
  • Dangerous intersection, (overgrown Cypress trees, blocking visibility, and potential threat to young children at play) at the intersection of Shepherd and Upshur Streets; (PARTIALLY FIXED) 
  • Continued request for a four-way stop at 17th and Varnum Streets, NW;
  • No action on request for consistent parking restrictions along 18th Street; 
  • Unlawful construction without the appropriate permits and pop-up; 
  • Seniors, Aging-in-Place initiative for an age friendly neighborhood (working with CCA and volunteer team for older residents/ tax & foreclosure issues); 
  • Invasive plants, like on the 1900 block of Shepherd, clearing them; 
  • Raised a concern about stop sign fines (Blagden and Allison) (FIXED); 
  • Questioned use of credit cards for juror payments; 
  • Noted the upsurge in graffiti in Rock Creek Park under the bridges; 
  • ANC 4A resolution re Air BNB issues – zoning enforcement; 
  • Rehabilitation of 16th Street Bridge over Piney Branch Parkway; 
  • Preserving access to the neighborhood-serving schools currently serving 4A08 families, along with other preferred charters /DCPS schools;
  • Beginning discussions on issues regarding zoning, redistricting, and Foreign Mission Center /Chanceries; 
  • Plans for a tot lot for SMD 4A08; 
  • Bike Share recommendation for Shepherd Street; and 
  • Preserving our public health, welfare and neighborhood character.

August 2018 UPDATE

ANC 4A does not meet in July and August. The next ANC 4A meeting is the first Tuesday in September (September 4). The location is tentatively set for the Police Station at 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM. 

In Memoriam: Carol Browning. Carol passed away on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at the Washington Home and Community Hospices, surrounded by family. Carol was a strong supporter of the Association and the block contact for Taylor Street for many years. She will be remembered as a very special Crestwood neighbor

Summer 2018 TICKLER LIST

1. Neighborhood Plan

2. Aging-in-Place Initiative - Scams Targeting Seniors/ Buddy System

3. Preserving quiet, low density residential feel of the neighborho.od•- while balancing and

respecting needs of some homeowners to have extra income

4. Continued access to free, public, quality education (Powell, West, Deal and Wilson and

other public schools that currently serve SMD 4A08)

5. Proposed Capitol Bike Share at 15th & Upshur I Bus Lanes on 16th

6. Water Quality and what it means for us

7. Sinkhole in the Park, near 18th and Quincy

8. Mowing at the Pointe and elsewhere - Invasive plants and Cypress trees in 1900 block

of Shepherd ยท

9. Kiosks to share information

10. Traffic calming - where else do we need it? 17th and Varnum?

11 . Road repairs, overhanging branches, invasive plants

12. Request to reconsider keeping tables at the Pointe, under discussion

13. Doggy Bags

14. Crime - Thefts from Cars

15. Fine Arts Commission - impact on neighbors who border the Park - window design as

an example

16. Tennis Tournament - July 28th start

17. Bike lanes - if so, where - do we need to look at road directions - does Upshur need to

be one-way? Do we need other signage and if so where?

18. Sidewalks on Blagden, Mathewson and the new trail connecting Piney Branch Parkway

to Crestwood - it was part of the Livability Study - why are still in the design phase?

What will be the next steps

19. Carter Barron restoration efforts

20. Fiscal Responsibility

February 6, 2018

The following written report is provided to ANC SMD 4A08, as an overview of the latest news:

Curb Cut / Relocation of Existing Driveway Request for 3820 Argyle Terrace, NW. Residents will present at the February 2018 meeting.

Fence at 16th and Crittenden Street, NW. – Residents raised concerns about the plans to install a 7 foot fence at 16th and Crittenden.  We are told the permit request remains open and that a portion of the fence would be built on public land. We have invited a representative to talk with the ANC about this. The property is associated with the Ambassador of Togo.

Severe Erosion / Potential Mud Slide in Rock Creek Park at the Pointe. A water main pipe has collapsed and created a dangerous hole in the hill in Rock Creek Park, adjacent to property at 1801 Quincy Street and 1755 Crestwood Drive, NW.  The National Park Service and DC Water are aware of the situation. Police tape and barricades have been erected to keep the public out. We are asking that this dangerous situation be addressed before there is an injury or loss of property. We have asked for an update at our meeting.

DC Livability Study Follow-Up.  We recently received the Notice of Intent regarding the city’s plan to install a sidewalk on Mathewson Drive, NW.  This is inconsistent with the plans originally proposed by the city and accepted by the ANC 4A. We are still awaiting the plans for Blagden Avenue and the plan for the multi-use trail at 17th and Shepherd Streets, NW, to connect to Piney Branch Road.  The ANC 4A gave conditional approval to the addition of sidewalks, contingent on no destruction of mature trees and placement of the path in the street right-of-way, so long as there was no loss of parking and no loss of vehicular travel lanes.  The latest plans seem to ignore the ANC 4A resolution and would needlessly require the loss of trees and cause damage to private property.  We ask that the city abide by the ANC 4A resolution and work through the Mayor’s Office and DC Council for Ward 4 on this matter. 

Census 2010 Population / Housing / SMD Data – We are asking for a review of the recently published data to ensure that the data reflects the current ANC 4A08 delineations. Certain blocks appear to have been omitted.

ANC Notifications – Seeking the Continuation of Notifications by US Mail

The DC Government, which includes the Office of Zoning and the Office of Planning must ensure that each affected ANC, affected single-member district and the OANC received notices of applications, public hearings, proposed actions and any action on all cases pending before the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustment.  ANC SMD commissioner for 4A08 has advised the city that I prefer to receive notifications impacting ANC 4A and SMD 4A08 by US Mail.  I have not received the requisite notices within the past 60 days. Electronic notice is not sufficient. The mailing should go to the ANC Office, as well as to the address for the SMD commissioner for 4A08.  In addition, we did not receive a response to the recommendations that ANC 4A submitted on the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments. Similarly, comments were supported by the Crestwood Citizens Association and the Shepherd Park Citizens Association. Those comments were adopted by the ANC 4A – but we have not received feedback on the resolution – prior to the time that the Office of Planning forwarded their comments directly to the DC Council.

Education Committee Established:  ANC 4A established a special committee on education to address issues impacting residents of ANC 4A – which includes Crestwood.  If you are interested in participating, please advise the ANC 4A office or commissioner of your interest.

16th Street N.W. Bridge Over Piney Branch (Tiger Bridge) Rehabilitation – the ANC 4A had a presentation given by DC Department of Transportation regarding the design plans for the bridge at the December 2017 meeting.

Approval of Deck Installation – ANC 4A approved the request of neighbor at 1724 Upshur Street for permission to build a deck addition.

Short Term Rentals Resolution - October of 2017 – We passed a resolution regarding B22-0092, the Short Term Rental Regulation and Affordable Housing Protection Act of 2017. We recommended that the legislation be changed to limit vacation rentals to 30 nights per year.  Short-term, unregulated rentals are a growing concern.

Storm Water Fee Resolution – ANC 4A objected to the storm water assessments that have been impacting cemeteries, non-profits and places of worship. We asked the city to reconsider a more equitable evaluation and assessment.

Stop Signs Tickets- at Blagden and Allison Street – Asked for reconsideration of the tickets being given at the stop sign and asked the city to check on the accuracy of the camera at that location.

Beach Drive Reconstruction – We are pleased to report that the city adhered to the scheduled time frame for the reconstruction of a portion of Beach Drive. The city reopened the portion that connects to Blagden Avenue and Beach Drive. However, it appears that the city is considering a proposal to close a portion of Morrow Drive or Joyce Road.  We hope there is a better alternative available.

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